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Start the New Year with a Free 30-Day Bible Study Course

UPDATE: We’ve made this free training even better! Now you can learn the essentials of inductive Bible study in even less time with the 10-day Challenge. Learn more.

A pastor friend told me not long ago, “I have Logos, but I probably use only 5% of its capacity.”

This comment came from someone under 40, meaning that he knows how to turn a computer on without fear or antagonism. It hardly counts as “technology” to him; a computer is just “normal” and “useful,” like a hammer is to others. So if this 5% figure is true of a seminary-trained pastor born after the great technological generational divide, at what percentage are the less technologically inclined? Have they successfully even logged in yet?

I want to let you in on something: When the Logos Pro team discussed this 5% anecdote in our office, we didn’t all sneer and scoff. “Ha! Those plebes. Why can’t they ever get it?! They will never achieve our measure of technological and exegetical prowess! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha! Ha ha ha ha!”

No, there was no maniacal laughter. You want to know what we said? Things like this:

  • “He probably doesn’t realize how close he is to getting far more out of the software. We need to encourage our users by helping them see that.”
  • “With Logos, you might not use every feature every day, but you need to know how to use them when the job calls for it.”
  • “Nobody says this about Photoshop, even though almost nobody uses all of its functionality all of the time.”
  • “If he would just learn two things, he’d be well on his way to getting almost everything out of the software that he needs for routine Bible study.”

This last comment came from the one Logos Pro whom I consider to be probably, among all of us, the very tallest. And the comment interested me, personally, as a daily Logos user and Bible student.

Do you want to know the two things that a true Logos Pro, who has made countless training videos about the software, considers to be the keys to getting you past 5% functionality?

That very Logos Pro, my good friend John, has put together a free, 30-day course to teach you that and more. (It’s presented by another Pro, Adam). I’m very pleased to announce the 30-Day Challenge. If you want to learn the software you’ve invested in, all the Logos Pros invite you to join in. And did I mention that it’s free?

We’re convinced that every Christian—from the lay person to the scholar—can unlock far more insight in their Bible study with a little training. That’s what’s great about Logos: the tools you need for your Bible study are ready and waiting. As Logos Pros, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right tools for the right job, and showing you how to use them. Wouldn’t it be great to unleash the full potential of Logos for your Bible study? That’s exactly what we designed this course to do.

Watch this video to learn more about the free 30-day training.


Are you ready to start the new year off on the right foot? Sign up for your free training now!

Written by
Mark Ward

Christian, husband, father, writer, ultimate frisbee player when possible.

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  • Well, I tried to sign up for the 30 day bible study training and was given the following message. What is this about?

    Logos Bible Software

    You were not subscribed to any lists.
    Sorry, you have been banned from the mailing list ‘onboarding_30daytraining’.

      • Hi Jacob,

        I’m signed up. I changed my Logos messaging options and was able to sign up. I also have the link to the videos so I am good to go. Thanks.

        • Excellent! We hope you enjoy the course and look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions.

  • Dear LOGOS,
    Why am I not allowed to have the benefit of this training. I am 80, and although I have LOGOS6 but not getting the full use of I. I am asking you therefore to give me the benefit of these VIDEOS.

    Kenneth Woods

    • Ken, someone else may have already contacted you directly (I passed on your info), but I’m going to go ahead and answer you here, just in case. Perhaps I’m not following: you most certainly are allowed to have the benefit of this training. It’s free! Am I misunderstanding something you said?

      • He may be receiving a message after sign up that he is banned. It gives this message if the unsubscribe from all is checked in his account.

  • I’m going to be out of the country for 12 days the last of January. Does the training have to be completed in Jan?

    • Greg,

      The course can be started whenever you decide to sign up. There’s no need to start in January and end in January!

  • Good timing. I just got Logos 6 a short while ago. I am trying to figure so much out on my own. My friends are all hispanic so if this is offered in Spanish that would be great. (Please let me know.) If what we get to see and learn on the videos is something we can review also would be great. Well, blessings to you all and Happy New Year. I say make your mind up to take the challenge if it is a resolution or not, just do it.

    • Spanish—that’s a great idea. I will pass that on to the appropriate party.

      Enjoy your training! I can tell you that I have seen many people take light-year leaps with their Bible software because they buckled down and did the training. And it’s always best if you do it right after you get the software, so you don’t waste any time not knowing what your doing.

  • When will we receive the first lesson? I signed up but haven’t received the first lesson as of yet.

    • Phillip,

      I don’t believe the email would have gone out at the time of this comment. By now, however, you should have receive the first three days of emails. If this is not indeed the case, please email me at jacob.cerone@faithlife.com, and I’ll make sure everything is in order.

  • I am really excited! I have not been able to attend a Logos Training camp and have waited for such an opportunity. What a great way to start the new year. God Bless you all!

  • Thanks, Logos. I couldn’t think of a better gift from you guys to start this new year. It really provides for a real need from us the software users, and personally it makes me fill appreciated. I agree with C. P. If you could have the same training in Spanish, it would be awesome.

    • I have noticed so many of the replies here are from people with hispanic names. I am Clemente Pablo, but my last name is actually hard for the hispanic folks to say correctly. I call myself: Clemente puente de la Fuente. Clemente the bridge of the Fountain. Christ is the Fountain, I am just the bridge to Him so I can bring people across with the Gospel. That is my major reason to be studying with Logos, to improve my Evangelism, Evangelismo en español. Bendiciones a todos. Blessings to all.

      • The videos on Faithlife TV? I looked at the first video and it was just some sites and a lecture with information. The presentation video said it will teach us to use the tools. Go in depth with our bible study. That video made no mention on where to access the information or put something like what we saw together. I am confused, I also was instructed I would get an email with the first lesson. Which I have yet to receive.Are those videos for the NT Diploma with Ashland university you guys are going to start in Fall of this year 2016?

        • Austin,

          The 30 Day challenge is not a part of Faithlife Tv. It is a training course that is designed to teach you more about Logos 6 and Matthew 4. You can find all of the videos at logos.com/30-day-training. You can also signup for reminder emails at logos.com/30-day-training-signup.

          It is not a part of the NT Diploma with Ashland University.

          If you have any questions in the future, don’t hesitate to email me at jacob.cerone@faithlife.com.

  • That is me! I am that 5%-only-user, with all the resources i have on hand, i only use 5%, i still do a lot of my studying manually. So i still pull out them 'ol books from library. Thanks Logos pro team!

  • All,

    If you are getting a message saying you are banned from signing up you need to re-enable marketing emails in your Logos account and sign up for emails from at least one list. I was able to sign up after i did this.

    • The course begins when you sign up. You don’t have to start on a particular day. If you’re having trouble receiving your reminder emails, please email me at jacob.cerone@faithlife.com.

      Direct access to the videos (without the email reminders) can be gained by going to logos.com/30-day-training.

  • Hi, just wanted to say hello from Chicago! Happy New Year! I just read about this earlier today, and thought this would be a great way to learn how to get the best of my bible studies, especially being a bible college student. I’m one of those who only know how to ‘fully use’ my Logos program about ‘5%,’ lol.

  • I am ever grateful to you for doing this. I have tried several times to watch your tutorial videos and I truly don't commit myself to doing that so when I read the Bible, i do literally that on your software … I wanted the software and was excited to truly use it but it just seemed so hard to figure things out. Already for day 1 I have learned two new things and I like the idea of doing this along with practical scripture usage. It makes me want to do it and now can't wait for todays to show up :) Again Thank you for this wonderful tutorial using the Bible with each step!!!

    • Well said Diana Clarkson: I believe so many people have had the same thoughts. I know I am not much of a computer type person and the things that come easy to others are way beyond me. Without this type of guidance, I would revert back to my paper copies of the Bible, which someday could begin to collect dust so, for nostalgic reasons I will have to find a way to pull them out from time to time. Logos, keep the tutorials coming and watch your customer base go through the roof. Many blessings.

  • This is something that I have been eagerly anticipating as well. I signed up last night, but have not received the email that I expected. Is there something else I need to do or something I need to select on the website? I am really excited and ready to get started on this 30 experience and just wanted to know what to do. Thank you in advance!

  • signed up yesterday and got my first one today. Problem is it begins with day 8 in the middle of a project. What’s up?

  • I am looking forward to this training. I thought it started on Jan. 1, however my first email today (1/2) is for day 8. How do I get day one and following so I can do them in order?
    Thank you for this opportunity. Jerry

    • Kimme,

      Could you provide me with some more details? I’m not sure what you mean by the Faithlife download.

      • I have the Faithlife study Bible. When I go to the logos site, it says I need to buy the $1500 program. I can’t afford that. I thought we got some free access during this study. Disappointed ?

        • Kimme,

          Now I understand. The course is designed in to accomplish a couple several interconnected purposes. We want to teach people how to study the Bible by using Matthew 4 as an example and demonstrating how Logos works to accomplish those tasks. So, while you need a Logos 6 base package to follow a number of the actions in the course, you will still benefit from the steps of inductive Bible study and the insights into Matthew 4.

          That said, there are a number of options available. First, you can get the Lexham Intro bundle—the Lexham Bible Dictionary, Faithlife Study Bible, a Greek New Testament, the Lexham English Bible, and Connect the Testaments—for free here: https://www.logos.com/product/55923/lexham-intro-collection. This will give you a number of the resources needed for the first couple days of the course.

          Second, you can begin building your library with Logos’ Free Book of the Month. This month we have a free JPS commentary and a second one for only .99 here: https://www.logos.com/free-book-of-the-month. While this won’t give you the resources for the course specifically, you can start building a good library at little cost.

          Third, if buying a base package is too much to afford right now, we do have Logos Cloud, a subscription based service that gives you a substantial library. You can even get the first month entirely free. For the time being, you don’t even have to put a credit card on file. Check out the plans here: https://logoscloud.com/pricing#.

          If you have more questions, feel free to ask here or email me at jacob.cerone@faithlife.com

  • I'm watching the first video and find that it is constantly "loading". I've paused it to let it load ahead, but it still pauses every few seconds. This is making it hard to follow what is being taught. Can you give me any tips to play the video without interruption? (This usually isn't a problem. I can stream whole movies off Netflix without interruption.)

  • Same here, provided email for registration and have yet to receive anything regarding information to access the material. Waiting……

  • tried to sing up and this is the message I received!!!!!
    Yes I am very upset with this site!!!!!

    Logos Bible Software

    You were not subscribed to any lists.
    Sorry, you have been banned from the mailing list 'onboarding_30daytraining'.

    • Marvin,

      You have received this message because your settings are to be globally unsubscribed to all Logos emailing. If you’ll send me an email at jacob.cerone@faithlife.com, I’ll make sure you get added to the mailing list for the course. In the meantime, you can go to logos.com/30-day-training to get access to the videos.

  • God bless:

    Thanks for this opportunity to learn more about L6, and how to study the Bible better.

    I read somewhere that extensive use of notes in L6 may affect the performance of search in the program, has anyone experienced this?

    Thanks to Faithlife, I was able to get Nota Bene 11 at a discount, is there any way to use Nota Bene for notes, and is there a way to integrate it to L6?

    Will there ever be a mind map capability in L6, so that visual indexing of important information can be done (with the ability to insert locations as in Favorites)?

    Thanks ahead of time for any guidance on any of the above.


    • Hi, Gwendolyn

      You have received this message because your settings are to be globally unsubscribed to all Logos emailing. If you’ll send an email at jacob.cerone@faithlife.com, we’ll make sure you get added to the mailing list for the course. In the meantime, you can go to logos.com/30-day-training to get access to the videos.



  • Thanks so much for the opportunity to draw closer to a loving God thru the study of his love letter to us. I am often very busy with the care of a husband with cancer. I hope it won't matter if I have to skip a day. I'm hopeful that I can carry on right where I left off.

Written by Mark Ward