Logos Tech Tip: How to Create a Personalized Bible Reading Plan

You can set Logos to remind you to read any resource in your library. Generate a custom reading plan from the Docs menu to get started. Choose from a predefined plan, generate a scheduled plan for a given text, or fully customize your own plan.  [Read more…]

Resurrection Resources for Any Budget, Now through Easter

Each year as Easter Sunday draws closer, the resurrection is on hearts and minds, and many seek to understand Easter’s significance and depth better. This year, perhaps more than any other in recent history, we need the hope, joy, and peace that focusing on the resurrection brings. [Read more…]

To Help You Stand: 30% off All Logos 8 Packages

Christian, church leader, student of the Word, life’s been flipped upside down. Many of you are figuring out how to get your church online, preparing for your sermon or Bible study, and working to encourage others—all while you need some encouragement yourself, and the kids are running around your kitchen table. [Read more…]

The Passion of Jesus: Are We Falling Asleep Like the Disciples?

In this post, excerpted from the March/April 2017 edition of Bible Study Magazine, John D. Barry discusses the prologue to the passion of Jesus—his anguish in the garden—by considering what the Gospels collectively say about it. By doing so, he offers a fuller picture of just one of the events leading up to the Bible’s darkest moment that concluded with the greatest hope. [Read more…]

How We’re Helping Churches and Students during the Coronavirus

Image courtesy of Faithlife Media.

These are tough days for pastors. It’s hard to believe how different ministry was even a few weeks ago.

But with the rapid spread of the coronavirus, churches are scrambling to do ministry in new ways—and for many of us, that means using technology to span the social distance between us. [Read more…]

Had to Abandon Your Seminary Library? Here’s Free Help

Seminaries across the country recently sent students home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Professors scrambled to get lectures and assignments online as students said goodbye and left their friends and classmates behind.  [Read more…]

Learning Logos: New and Improved Subfolders in Favorites

The recent release of Logos 8.12 contains a subtle but very helpful tweak to Favorites. We can now create subfolders without dragging and dropping folders!

If you use Favorites, then give this a go:

  • Choose Tools | Library | Favorites (A)
  • Click New Folder on the Favorites panel (B)
  • Type a name for the folder
  • Press the Enter key to save the name
  • Make sure the folder you just created is selected (highlighted) (C)
  • Click New Folder again on the Favorites panel (D)
  • Notice this new folder is a sub-folder of the selected folder (E)

You can continue creating folders within folders, as long as the desired folder is selected before you click New Folder(F)

As I said, a small, but powerful change to Logos.

To keep up with all of the ongoing changes to Logos, please check out 24/7 video training at mpseminars.com.

And don’t forget to follow faithlife.com/mpseminars, and you’ll automatically receive a FREE digital download of Dr. Grant Osborne’s commentary Ephesians Verse by Verse.


Morris Proctor is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

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3 Reasons NIVAC Is So Popular—and Why Now Is the Time to Get It

There’s a contemporary commentary series on wish lists galore—the NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC). And because it got so far in Logos March Matchups, all 42 NIVAC volumes can be yours for 55% off—but only through March 31. [Read more…]

Is Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal in Israel Myth? Or Reality?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-03-20-at-3.58.26-PM.png

Mount Gerizim, Schechem, Mount Ebal in Israel

By Ralph K. Hawkins

Toward the end of Deuteronomy, Moses tells the Israelites that, after they cross the Jordan River into the land of Canaan, one of the first things they are to do is build an altar on Mount Ebal and renew their covenant with the LORD (Deut 27:1–8). The book of Joshua reports the fulfillment of that command: Joshua leads the Israelites to Mount Ebal where they build the altar and offer burnt offerings and peace offerings upon it (Josh 8:30–35). [Read more…]

How to Powerfully Pray for Missionary Work around the World

Majority world missionaries serve in countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America, accomplishing much of global missions work. But these missionaries often lack the support and training they need to best reach others around them.  [Read more…]