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Last Chance: Get up to $388 Off Commentaries

If you haven’t picked out a graduation gift yet, you have only a few more days to save on some of our top commentaries! Written with serious students in mind, these commentaries are the perfect gifts for any grad. Through June 15, you can get up to $388 off three of our best-selling commentaries using the coupon codes below.

Save on:

International Critical Commentary

The International Critical Commentary has long held a special place among works on the Bible. Its comprehensive, rigorous scholarship brings together all the relevant aids to exegesis: linguistic and textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological.

Get $388 off with coupon code ICC13

Pillar New Testament CommentaryPillar New Testament Commentary

The PNTC seeks to make Scripture’s meaning clear. The authors interact with the most important, informed contemporary debate, yet avoid undue technical detail. The result is a blend of rigorous exegesis and exposition, of scholarship and pastoral sensitivity, with attention both to biblical theology and to the Bible’s contemporary relevance.

Get $53 off with coupon code PILLAR13

Tyndale CommentariesTyndale Commentaries

The Tyndale Bible Commentaries help you understand what the text says and what it means. Each book’s introduction gives a concise but thorough treatment of authorship, date, setting, and purpose.

Get $45 off with coupon code TYNDALE13

Give your grad a gift that lasts—a better understanding of the Bible. These commentaries will help them explore and understand the Bible in a way that’s relevant to their life.

If you’re giving a commentary or base package, call us toll-free at 800-875-6467 to speak with one of our sales representatives. 

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