Extended Deadline: Show Us Your Favorite Logos Features, and You Could Get Logos Credit

Last month, we told you about a fun way to get $100 in Logos credit, and today, we’re extending the deadline to September 1!

The deadline for what, you ask?

Well, when you share a video of your favorite Logos functions to YouTube by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on September 1, 2019, we may link to your video from Logos.com or our social channels. If we do, you’ll get $100 in Logos credit as a sign of our gratitude!

We’ll review all videos with the #MyFavoriteLogos hashtag after September 1, 2019, so get your videos in soon. We’ll choose videos we think do a great job demonstrating Logos features or capabilities, especially ones that focus on lesser-known features or that handle popular features in a unique way. We’ll comment on your video with instructions on how to claim your appreciation gift if we pick your video.

Here’s what your video should include:

  • Screen capture with a voice-over explaining why you enjoy the functions you’ll demonstrate (make sure the audio quality is good)
  • An optional intro and outro or graphic overlay
  • Public visibility (so we can watch it!)
  • The #MyFavoriteLogos hashtag in the description (so we can find it!)

We aren’t just looking for videos in English, either. If you speak Spanish, German, or any of the six languages Logos comes in, we’d love to see your videos, too.

Some videos we’ve already chosen cover popular Logos tasks and features like:

Browse Logos 8 features for ideas of what you can record and share on YouTube.

Ready to get started? Upload your YouTube video with #MyFavoriteLogos in the description by September 1, 2019, and you could get $100 in Logos credit.

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Faithlife is a church tech company based in Bellingham, WA. As the creators of Logos Bible Software and world's first integrated ministry platform, Faithlife's mission is to use technology to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible.

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