5 Reasons Vyrso is the Best App for Christian Reading

Vyrso App

The free Vyrso app is unlike any other app for Christian reading. Here are five awesome things you can do with it:

1. Access thousands of Christian ebooks

Choose from the latest, best Christian titles—mysteries, devotionals, thrillers, pastoral guides, historical romances, political commentaries, and more! Vyrso’s always adding new books (like a never-before-published devotional from A. W. Tozer), so you’ll want to follow the Vyrso blog for updates.

2. Take your ebooks anywhere

Vyrso is available for both iOS and Android, so you can bring your personal reading material wherever you go! Plus, Vyrso’s mobile-friendly shopping experience lets you navigate titles with ease, enabling you to get the ebooks you want—wherever you are. You can also read your Vyrso books in Logos 5 and on Biblia.com.

3. Get free and discounted ebooks

From summer bundles to pre-order discounts to special sales, we offer low prices on thousands of ebooks by your favorite Christian authors. Plus, we give away free ebooks all the time! Here are a few we’re offering right now:

Vyrso's Best Deals

4. Use one-tap Bible references

With a touch, you can connect Scripture to your everyday reading. Simply tap a Scripture reference in your ebook, and Vyrso displays the verse in your preferred Bible translation. This saves you time and makes it easy to connect the Word with your daily reading.

5. Search your library with ease

Search your entire bookshelf by topic, author, and more. Our cross-library search tool locates the quotes and passages you’re looking for in no time. Just enter your query—Vyrso will find every place that your word or verse is referenced in each of your ebooks. You can highlight, take notes, and copy and paste.

Oh, and did we mention that the app is free?

Take advantage of Vyrso’s powerful features: download the Vyrso app today!


  1. Shane Atkinson says

    My question is; if I have the Logos app is there a need for the Vyrso app? Aren't the books available on both apps or am I wrong?

  2. I have asked the same question Shane has presented, however I think there is need served by having an ebook reader that doesn't carry all of the power and weight of the other programs. I do believe that the ebook reader needs some of the same widow dressing of Kindle and iBooks. One in particular would be the page turning ability.

  3. I'm sorry, but to claim that Vyrso is "the best app" is just silly. Of the five reasons you give, four of them can easily apply to other eBook readers. And I'll give 1 big reason why the Vyrso reader and its books are NOT the best: almost always, NO PAGE NUMBERS! That means folks like I who want to follow along with others who have a print book or who want to give proper citation for a quote CANNOT do so. I'm sorry, I do appreciate Logos Bible Software, but your claim here is simply silly and untrue.

  4. SteVen Farless Jr. says

    Page numbers would be useless, as the pages would change from person to person based on customizable text size/font/page formatting etc.

  5. Page numbers are independent of the screen generated pages. On the Kindle there are page numbers that correspond directly to the book. You can go to a page number and be in the same place as the dead tree reader. You may not, however, display the whole page and will have to hit "next" as the group reads the page.

  6. I am always struggling with this as well. I already have Logos installed, why do I want to also install Vyrso? I suppose it is fine if you don't use the Logos study features.

  7. Valid question, Shane. Let's suppose you're reading a Matt Chandler book. I suggest you use the Vyrso app for that. This way, when you open your Logos app during Bible study, or for your morning devo, it won't close or disrupt where you left off in your Matt Chandler book. Further, if you're doing a small group study on that book by Chandler, then still use the Logos app for comparing the book's text with Scripture by utilizing the split screen ability of the Logos app. The Vyrso app is great for reading. The Logos app is great for studying. Hope that helps.

  8. SteVen Farless Jr. The page number of the printed book never changes and that page number could be added to the ebook version. The text size and font would be irrelevant because the page number is not tied to it.

  9. Shane Atkinson says

    Nate Smoyer Thanks Nate for the reply. This is key to your post; "The Vyrso app is great for reading. The Logos app is great for studying." This clears it up for me.

  10. I think I understand some of the frustration in some of the current comments. When I saw this posted in my news I came here to find some uses I might have been unaware of. Actually there was nothing new. Having said that I still love Vyrso. This app offers me an opportunity to have my books available in more than one format and who doesn't like FREE BOOKS! You guys are doing a great job. If I could wish for anything it would probably be more variety of Christian books on Vyrso but you seem to be working on that all the time. No need to compare to the rest of the pack out there guys. This is a great program and appreciated very much from this user.

  11. Andrew Tatum says

    David Odom Actually the "Text size" is very relevant simply because the bigger the text the less content on a page which would then push it to another page (number).

  12. Andrew Tatum says

    Of the Five reasons given I would say it sounds about right. #1 – it is an ebook store catered to Christians, #2 – most of the ereaders are either or "Android or IOS", #3 – Once again with regards to Christian ebooks, #4 What other ebook reader does that! #5 – As well as this one, the ability to search your entire library (outstanding). Don't forget the original statement: "5 Reasons Vyrso is the Best App for Christian Reading" – (Best App For Christian Reading or ebooks)