Recommended Commentaries: Numbers

Logos Talk’s Recommended Commentary Series highlights some favorite commentaries by Logos academics and the user community.

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Each week we will post a forum thread asking which commentaries, available from Logos, are your favorites for a specific book in the Bible. This is a great opportunity to let other Logos users know which commentaries you have found valuable in your studies.

Numbers Commentaries

We asked Michael Heiser, resident scholar and academic editor for Logos Bible Software, to give us his favorite commentaries on Leviticus. Here are a few of his choices in no particular order:

Logos Community Favorites

Here are a few commentaries suggested by Logos users:

Do you have a favorite Logos resource on Deuteronomy which isn’t listed here? Leave us a comment. Then jump over to the forum and share your favorite commentaries on Deuteronomy!


  1. Hello my name is Maurice, and working with the logos bible software
    Helps me out lot ,being an asoicate Minster the Logos helps me with sermon I do not spend a lot of time looking for something it’s all right there for me at the click of the mouse so I would like to thank all the people at logos for coming up with the logos progarm.
    and I am going to be praying for you all and that the Lord Blesses you all with more ideas for the logos.

    God Bless you All. Thank You