. You Can Do THAT with Canvas in Logos 8?

You Can Do THAT with Canvas in Logos 8?

Canvas is like joining your paper Bible, a whiteboard, and the power of Logos to help you interpret and internalize God’s Word. With Canvas in Logos 8, you can work the biblical text in incredible ways. When you’re done, you can share and save your creation to use as a sermon illustration, small group handout, or even a children’s bulletin.

Logos users have described it like this: 

Canvas is eye candy. I can almost taste Scripture as I stare at this beautiful interface.

— Pieter K.

The new Canvas tool is so powerful that I’ve canceled my subscription to a specialist product I used to use for diagramming.

— Mark B.

A great, hands-on way to understand and present the truths of Scripture.

— Andrew B.

Logos canvas blog

Last November, we ran a Canvas contest and got some impressive entries like this one:

Logos canvas blogAd reading "Introducing Logos 9. The Work of Ministry without the Busywork"

To continue the fun this year, we launched a social media contest to see what Logos users have been creating with Canvas. 

Canvas contest winners!

Thiago G.

Pastor Dave T.

Logos canvas blog

Rusty H.

Mesquita E.

Other impressive creations from the Canvas contest

Logos canvas blog

Logos canvas blog

See the previous Canvas contest winners, and explore all you can do in Canvas

Ad reading "Introducing Logos 9. The Work of Ministry without the Busywork"

Written by
Mary Jahnke

Mary Jahnke is a content marketing specialist. She has a background in marketing, especially for Christian education, and feels blessed to serve the Church at Faithlife.

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  • Hi:
    Nice graphic design, but I am more concerned with functionality.

    Will there eventually be a possibility to place url to locations within the particular resource just as in favorites?

    The idea is to do a mind map and be able to have url to locations within a resource to have a handy visual index of key concepts.

    Peace and grace.

    • Hamilton, good news! You can paste links in Canvas (such as https://ref.ly/logosres/esv?ref=BibleESV.Jn1.1) and they will work. Links in Canvas are shown via a popup when you click on an object with a link.
      -Open resource and navigate to location
      -Panel menu -> copy location as URL
      -Open Canvas
      A) right click an object -> Edit Link and paste the url in the box, or…
      B) Paste with nothing selected (This will create a new text box with the location of the url as the text, and set the link on the text box.)

      • Excellent, thank you.

        Ctrl Alt C in Mac for the in resource location link and paste it to canvas does work, but is there a way to hide the original paste (so only link shows)?

    • Hi Landon! Thanks for your question. You currently can’t insert outside media into the Canvas, but I’ll pass on your question to the team!

Written by Mary Jahnke