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Working at Logos Is Serious Fun

A healthy company is always looking for the most qualified people; likewise, the most qualified people are always looking to work for the best companies. This symbiotic relationship is improved when the company creates an enjoyable environment where people are allowed to flourish.

Logos is that company.

Logos Bible Software—a two-time finalist for Washington’s Best Workplaces—is hiring! If you are looking for fun, rewarding work of eternal consequence, check out our Careers page. There might be a place for you!

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  • Hey! I’m a student (and a customer, and total theology geek to boot.)If I wanted to prepare myself for a career developing with you guys, what programming languages should I learn? Are your development teams split up between OS’s, or is there one language you typically work with?

  • Mike:

    More than the knowledge of any particular programming language, we’re looking for smart, talented programmers that ship.

    We currently ship software written in one or more of the following languages: C++, C#, Objective-C and Java.

    The typical Logos developer is focused on one platform at a time, but a number of developers have worked on multiple platforms over the course of their time at Logos.

    We’re currently hiring programmers for all platforms: http://www.logos.com/about/careers

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