Enter to Win the Pastor Pod—a Pastor’s Retreat on Wheels

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We may not all be pastors, but we know what you juggle.

Work. Family. Study. Sermon prep. Pastoral care. Church. God.

We also know that often, finding a quiet place to research, pray, and study can be near impossible.

Enter the Pastor Pod.

The Pastor Pod

We’ve loaded this mid-century travel trailer with everything a pastor needs to rest, recharge, and focus on ministry—including digital tools for sermon prep. And we’re giving it away this June!

To enter, just tell us why you’re the pastor who needs the Pastor Pod in a short essay.*

The Pastor Pod comes stocked with a library of pastoral resources from Lexham Press and a free copy of Logos Bible Software! Plus, we’ve stocked the Pod with everything you’ll need to rest, relax, and recharge:

You’ll also get the new Logos Preaching Suite, which will help you stay organized throughout the sermon prep process so you can prepare better sermons in less time.

The fully-equipped kitchen includes a stove and yes, we didn’t forget Joe—the coffee station is stocked and ready!

The making of the Pastor Pod

Turning a trailer into the Pastor Pod was quite an endeavor—one where our team got to flex their creative muscles to create a welcoming, comfortable space designed for a busy pastor.

The idea started with Faithlife’s cofounder and CEO, Bob Pritchett. He says, “I saw an ad for a ridiculously large, fully-reclining multi-monitor chair/workstation and thought it looked pretty cool—though impractical. It got me thinking, how we could have fun offering a pastor an amazing workstation to use Logos Bible Software. From there, with social distancing in mind, the Pastor Pod seemed like an obvious idea!”

We asked him a few other questions about the Pastor Pod:

What was your vision for what the Pastor Pod would become?

Something fun! Who doesn’t imagine being able to get away in a perfectly organized little space to think, read, write, or take a nap?!

What do you feel most proud of regarding how it all came together?

Our design team did a fantastic job making it look great inside and out. It’s got that retro vibe while being fresh and clean and functional inside.

What’s your hope for the person who wins the Pastor Pod?

I hope whoever wins the Pastor Pod truly enjoys it! I’d love to hear that it’s an extra office at the church, that it gets taken camping, and that it’s a delight and a blessing to whoever gets to use it.


To learn more about how the Pastor Pod came together, we sat down with Victory Ralston, Lead Photographer and Production Designer at Faithlife.

Tell us a little bit about your involvement with the Pastor Pod.

I headed up the interior design and aesthetic direction for the Pastor Pod, which involved lots of mood boarding and selecting finishes/materials for the space, concepting and collaborating with our amazing graphic designer, Joshua Hunt for the exterior design, and our reno superstar, Jeff Porter. We ripped out old flooring, non-repairable appliances, etc.—and then the renovation began.

What was the planning process like? How did you decide what to keep or what to revamp?

I spent a lot of time ideating in the Pastor Pod before starting the renovation and thinking through what we wanted the space to look like and how we wanted it to serve the unique needs of a pastor. We spent a lot of time considering what would make the Pastor Pod unique for a pastor versus just a pretty travel trailer.

We knew things like the study corner with the adjustable monitor and charging station and the Lexham mini-library of pastoral resources would uniquely serve those needs, paired with the Logos software that we’re giving away with it. Then we added some of the comforts of home, like a functioning kitchen and a foldout bed and some storage space, so that you could take it out on the road, making it an ideal sermon prep space on wheels.

When you were thinking of how to design everything, was there anything, in particular, that was the inspiration?

Definitely lots of mood boarding. We wanted to give a bit of a nod to the 1960s aesthetic since it’s a 1966 travel trailer. So we incorporated some appliances and decor with lots of curved edges to tap into that style—but then took a modern approach with the design as a whole, which felt consistent with how Faithlife meets the needs of a modern pastor and people in ministry.

We also wanted to make the space feel more open by painting the interior white and using white, airy fabric for the curtains for privacy while retaining an open and light feel inside. We wanted it to be a great space if the pastor who wins it wants to record content there, as people are live streaming more and posting videos throughout the week on their website or social media. If you have access to daylight, there’s lots of windows in the space, and because the interior is white, it’s like this perfect lightbox. So it’ll be great for shooting video!

What’s the thing you feel most proud of about how it all came together?

The study corner is one of my favorite parts because it feels so practical and specific to the needs of a pastor. Having the monitor and the charging station and the Lexham library—all of that together feels pretty special.

But I also love the floating magazine rack that we made. We first built a butcher block insert to go into the kitchen counter to act as a built-in cutting board and for a place to put the hot plate. It also holds the microwave. We had leftover wood and ended up making a magazine rack for the wall. So design-wise, it looks great because the two materials go together. And it’s custom and holds our three magazines that are included in the giveaway. So from a design point of view, that was a happy moment for me.

When you’re thinking of who wins the Pastor Pod, what’s the picture you’ve painted in your mind?

I hope that the Pastor Pod will serve as a space where a pastor can create or maintain some margin, whether for Sabbath or rest or deep study of the Word with fewer distractions—or just making mac and cheese on the little hotplate we have in there. People in vocational ministry rarely stumble upon opportunities to rest or to engage in solitude. So as you’re pouring into others, if you have a designated space where you can fill your cup and retreat with the Lord a little bit—I think that’s a really cool opportunity. So that’s how I imagined it serving someone.


It’s been a long, hard pandemic and every pastor deserves a break—but only one can haul away this pretty amazing, private retreat on wheels.

See everything included, and tell us why you should be declared the winner before June 30.

*Find rules and regulations on entering the giveaway here. Contest ends June 30, 2021

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