What’s Your Scholarship Story?

Seminary ScholarshipWe ended our last scholarship winner blog post with these words: “Hopefully next time we will be able to hear your story. But we won’t hear it if you don’t first apply.”

On August 10, 2011, we will select at least two new winners, one from SeminaryScholarship.com and one from BibleCollegeScholarship.com. Which seminary or Bible college student wouldn’t want to receive $1,000.00 tuition scholarship and a copy of Scholar’s Library?

But you better hurry, Tuesday, August 9, is the last full day to apply.

We look forward to announcing the winners in a future blog post and, if possible, telling you a bit about them.

How Do I Apply?

The entire application process should take less than 15 minutes. It quite easy really. You will be asked to watch a brief video demonstrating Logos Bible Software (the same video embedded in this post) and will then be directed to the application page to answer a few questions—that’s it.

You’re allowed to apply once per giveaway period. If you have already done so, this is a reminder to start telling your friends and family to apply. Because if they win, and they entered your name in the “other” section, when asked, “How did you hear about the scholarship?”, then we will award you the $1,000.00 and a Scholar’s Library collection as well!

For those reading this who will not apply, we still invite you to watch the embedded video below. It could be a great reminder as to what Logos can do for your Bible study. While you watch, think of those you know who could use Logos for the upcoming Seminary or Bible College school year. Then, share this post with them, or better still, share a link to http://www.seminaryscholarship.com or http://www.biblecollegescholarship.com via Facebook and Twitter.

Apply to SeminaryScholarship.com now!
Apply to BibleCollegeScholarship.com now!

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Help Spread the Word

Post a link to SeminaryScholarship.com or BibleCollegeScholarship.com on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or your blog. You could even send your friends an email or give them a call.

Share on FacebookFacebook: Leaving Post to Facebook checked, leave a Facebook comment below, and post a link to http://www.SeminaryScholarship.com or http://www.BibleCollegeScholarship.com, telling your friends to apply!

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bl1.pngBlog: If you have a blog, you can help out in two ways. First, you can write a post on your blog letting your readers know about the scholarships. Second, you can add one of our web banners for Seminary Scholarship or Bible College Scholarship to your site.

So again we ask, what’s your scholarship story? Leave us a comment and let us know if you applied or shared this with a seminary or Bible college student, and hopefully we’ll get to hear your story next.


  1. Is it still true that only US citizens are eligible? Unlike one of the last times, I couldn’t find this condition in the terms of service anymore.

  2. What about scholarships for Christian students not in seminary nor in a Bible College. There are Christians, who like John Stott and J. Budziszewski, have a heart for young people, especially Christians, at “public” and “private” secular universities. To make sure that they are truly Christian, you can have the contest done through the ETS for its student members who are working towards a Ph.D.

    Thanks you for the product and service you have provided. I have yet to exploit the full potential of Logos. Hopefully, I will get to go to a Morris Proctor Seminar to really dig into the software.

    Signed a Platinum User in a Secular Ph.D. program.

  3. What about a contest for Christians in secular institutions who are studying for a Ph.D. Althought not as numerous, there are those of us who take ministry at a secular institution seriously–for example John Stott with Intervarsity and J. Budziszewski. I am studying for a Ph.D. as a Linguistic major who will then take a second Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible. I want to intergrate Syntax-Semantics-Discourse Analysis into traditional Bible Study. (See my website for more detail on my goals and background.)

    You could work with the Evangelical Theological Society to make sure you that your contestants are properly “screened.”

    Signed a Platinum User and Ph.D. student at a “Secular” Institution.