What’s New in the Latest Logos Now Release

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The latest tools, features, interactives, and media are shipping with Logos Now 6.9! If you want the latest Logos innovations but don’t want to wait for the next major release, then Logos Now is for you. Learn more about starting your Logos Now subscription.

Here’s what’s new in Logos Now 6.9.

Systematic Theologies Interactive

Systematic theologians bring the entire biblical testimony to bear on specific, interrelated theological topics. The Systematic Theologies Interactive curates data on both systematic theology resources and their authors, helping you become more informed about the content of the systematic theologies and how the backgrounds of the theologians shaped their works. Filter by author, denomination, era, and type. Click on your results to find out more information about the author and the resource.

Systematic Theologies Interactive

Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer

Understand the textual transmission of the Old Testament with the Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer. In a glance, see all the extant Hebrew manuscripts and filter by date, contents, holding institute, and more. You can even click through to see high resolution photographs of the manuscripts online.

Hebrew MSS Explorer

Biblical Theology Guide Section

Understand how biblical theologians have interpreted the passage you’re studying and how it relates to redemptive history. Open Genesis 1:1 in your Passage Guide and find everywhere that text appears in the context of discussions about Theology Proper, Bibliology, Christology, and more. Your resources are further categorized by type such as Old Testament, New Testament, Whole Bible, Pauline Epistles, and more.

Biblical Theologies Section

Custom Homepage Layouts

Customizing your Logos workspace is essential for efficient study. Now you can save your favorite workspace as a layout to be launched right from the homepage. Do you want to read your ESV, favorite commentary, and the Greek New Testament as a part of your daily reading plan? Save it as a layout and start your study with a click. You can also create custom layouts to launch from the Go Box, Lectionary Reading, and more. Customize your layouts with any combination of tools and resources.

Custom Homepage Layouts 1

Proverbs Explorer Interactive and Dataset

Volume 2 of this popular interactive and dataset expands the scope of the Proverbs Explorer to proverbs throughout the Old and New Testaments—not just the book of Proverbs. It even covers proverbial statements from Deuterocanonical literature.

Proverbs Explorer V. 2

Names of God Interactive: Deuterocanon

Volume 2 of the Names of God interactive adds all the references to God from the Deuterocanon. See how the surrounding literature of the Bible refers to and addresses God.

names of god interactive

Update to Narrative Character Maps Vol. 2

Narrative Character Maps present the Bible’s familiar story arcs with a new visual perspective that makes sense of complex interweaving narratives. Color-coded character lines elegantly present the geographic location of key players through time. This exclusive addition to Narrative Character Maps covers the time during Jesus’ public ministry.

Narrative Character Maps-Jesus' Public Ministry


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  1. Loving these updates. It’s great to have biblical theologies in the passage guide! What I love most is having my own layout as the default!