What’s New in Logos 6: See What You Can Do

Logos 6 is smarter, easier, and faster.

Get precise answers with new search tools, visualize the biblical world with stunning media, explore the cultural perspectives from which the Bible was written, and get streamlined tools for preaching and teaching.

Logos 6 offers everything you need to gain fresh insights and share your findings in engaging ways.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Logos 6:

l6-overview-better-searchingBetter searching, smarter results

We’ve streamlined searching so you can find the answers you need faster than ever. Everything Search combines all your powerful search tools, so you can sweep through your entire library with a click. Search any verse, topic, person—anything—and Everything Search returns a list of relevant commentaries, maps, media, original-language data, and more.

The new Factbook functions like an ever-growing encyclopedia: search any biblical person, place, thing, event, or cultural concept, and Factbook returns clickable links to maps, images, dictionaries, lemmas, library results, and more. For example, search “Solomon,” and get infographics of his temple, dictionary links, all the names he’s referred to as and where they occur, lists of his relatives and roles, Timeline events, and topics for further study, as well as Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic lemmas. Factbook gives you all the information you need on biblical topics—all in one place.

Inline Search is another powerful search tool—now, you can perform advanced searches for terms, phrases, or morph forms within your open resources. Inline Search transforms your reverse interlinear into a powerful search tool.

Here are a few other search tools you’ll want to check out:

  • Smart Search: This tool suggests interesting areas of study, so you always have new concepts to explore.
  • Media Search: Get all the media you need, all in one place. With a click, search Interactive Media, images, videos, and audio throughout your entire library and online.
  • Journals Section: Search all your scholarly journals at once. This new section includes a list of links in your Passage Guide pulled from relevant journal articles—both online and in your library.
  • Collections Section: Create custom resource collections, and your Passage Guide will include a section of search results pulled from your collections.


Study Scripture in context

Understanding cultural concepts from biblical times is integral to understanding the Word—you can better understand the imagery and practices referenced in Scripture when you understand what they meant to the author. That’s why Logos 6 comes packed with new tools and resources to help you study Scripture in context.

The new Cultural Concepts tool identifies over 1,000 cultural concepts throughout the Bible, like religious activities, food, music, birth and death practices, marriage rituals, and economic structures, so you can derive greater meaning from biblical events. In seconds, explore all the cultural concepts expressed in a passage, then connect those concepts to ancient texts.

With the Ancient Literature tool, you can get a clear view of the Bible’s background by exploring ancient texts side by side with Scripture. This tool links Scripture to ancient texts based on shared themes, references, allusions, and more.

With Atlas, you can connect Bible narratives to their geographical context. Browse dozens of new maps, created by a professional cartographer, that offer powerful functionality—including zoom and panning options.

Check out more contextual tools:

  • Weights and Measures Converter: Convert biblical measurements into modern examples. Enter a biblical quantity and get multiple modern comparisons—you’ll see that 100 cubits equals about 11 midsized sedans or about two blue whales.
  • Interactive Table of Feasts and Sacrifices: Use this colorful infographic to compare ancient feasts and sacrifices to the modern calendar, and see the purpose, Bible references, and details for each occurrence.
  • Bible Event Navigator: Browse major Bible events in chronological order, so you can better understand biblical history.
  • Interactive Infographics: New Interactive Infographics are textbook illustrations brought to life. Explore ancient armor, temples, altars, and more.
  • Ancient Inscriptions: Explore evidence of the biblical world with easy-to-use, animated maps. Zoom in and out of locations where ancient inscriptions were found, and hover over places and artifacts for short descriptions.


Build engaging presentations—fast

No more finishing your slides late Saturday night—with Logos 6, you can build your presentations while you study. Create quote and image slides in seconds with Visual Copy and find relevant, high-quality imagery fast with Media Search.

Logos 6 comes loaded with over 200 preaching and Bible background slides that cover every book in the Bible and include beautiful artwork on the most popular preaching topics.  We’ve also hand-selected the best images online, so you instead of wasting time image searching and getting irrelevant results, you can search for images within the software and find exactly what you need.

Use new Interactive Media resources to increase your audience’s understanding: walk them through ancient locations, travel through character paths with the Bible Event Navigator, and display closeup photos of key artifacts from the British Museum and aerial tours of biblical places.

Explore all of Logos 6’s new Media Collections:

  • Lexham Bible Background Slides: Get a slide presentation on every book in the Bible. Each slide collection includes the book’s theme, authorship, and context, and offers easily digestible maps, timelines, and content outlines.
  • Beitzel Photo Library: View over 15,000 beautiful photos of the Holy Land. Each photo is tagged by location and Bible verse for easy searching.
  • Artifacts from the British Museum: Explore the craftsmanship and artistry of biblical times with photos of key artifacts from the British Museum.
  • Logos 6 Media: Get stunning Verse of the Day art created by professional designers, presentation templates, 3D flyovers of biblical places, fine art representing significant Bible characters and events, and much more.
  • The Cultural Context of the Bible: View seminary-level presentations from distinguished professor and New Testament scholar, Dr. David deSilva. Explore the biblical world as he guides you through places like Sardis, Athens, Colassae, and Hierapolis, and studies artifacts from Caesar Augustus’ reign and the Flavian Dynasty.
  • Faithlife Study Bible Media: Get into the biblical world with detailed, easy-to-understand infographics. Explore ancient buildings and places, like the Tower of Babel, Ancient Jericho, Noah’s Ark, and Rome in Paul’s day.
  • Preaching Theme Slides: Get beautiful premade slides for your next sermon or presentation! These professionally designed slides cover some of the most popular preaching topics, including holiness, healing, love and marriage, greed, and more.


Powerful original-language tools

No matter your Greek and Hebrew expertise, Logos 6 equips you for insightful original-language study.

Explore the textual differences across ancient manuscripts with Textual Variants. This new tool brings together all the resources you need for textual-variant study: get textual commentaries, compare primary texts with modern Bible editions, study original manuscripts, and view scanned photos of original Bible texts.

With the Psalms Browser, you can reveal the poetic structure of each line in the Psalms. Group the Psalms by genre, book, author, or theme and expose the parallel structure of the Hebrew text.

Logos 6 also includes the Lexham Theological Wordbook, a groundbreaking resource that connects English concepts to their corresponding Greek and Hebrew words.

Even more Greek and Hebrew tools to explore:

  • Sense Section: Discover all the alternate meanings of Greek and Hebrew words, as well as where they occur.
  • Lexicon Alignment: Restructure your lexicons into easy-to-read outlines, so you get the information you need fast. Lemma forms will be left justified and the nuances of meanings will be indented, creating a user-friendly version of hard-to-read reference works.
  • Greek and Hebrew Alphabet Tutors: Learn to write and pronounce Greek and Hebrew in the pronunciation of your choice, including Koine, Erasmian, and Modern Greek.
  • Morph Chart: In seconds, arrange the occurrence and form of Greek lemmas into a table for easier learning.
  • Interlinear Explorer and Reverse Interlinear Explorer: Get step-by-step directions on how to use your interlinears and perform textual analysis.
  • Text Converter: Convert Greek and Hebrew text into a variety of transliteration schemes, including SBL General, SBL Academic, Scientific, Spanish, and more!

Get Logos 6 today!

Start using Logos 6 today to get better search results, study Scripture in context, build engaging presentations, and study the Bible’s original languages. With Logos 6, you’ll have everything you need for powerful study right at your fingertips. And for a limited time, take advantage of introductory discounts and offers on Logos 6.

Get Logos 6 today!

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Sherri Huleatt
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  • I have used Logos for at least 10 years and recommended to many was on the phone with coustomer service for more than an hour today and then cut off. No return call. I am having to reconsider my unqualificed endorsement.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ll pass on your contact information to our customer service team, and they’ll be with you shortly. Thanks for your patience!

    • Thanks! Logos 6 is awesome–you should definitely try it out. Feel free to give our friendly team a call if you have any questions: 800-875-6467.

  • I was trying to talk to someone about Logos 6 and they told there was a computer issue and they could not access anyones account info. Was told they would call me back (I gave them my contact info) and it has been 2 days. I feel kind of like an inconvenience to them…

    • Hi Sam—I’m sorry to hear that! We’ll send along your info and someone should be in touch with you soon. Our systems are up and running again, so if you give us a call at 800-875-6467, we should be able to assist you just fine. Thanks!

  • I have the same problem as Sam Jones. Finally got a sales rep after four attempts only to be told that they could not access my account. They told me they would contact me but nothing yet after two days. I know that they are busy, but you would think that a computer group such as Logos would be able to get their computer problems fixed by now.

    • Hi Richard—sorry about that, and thanks for your patience! We’ll pass along yoru contact information to make sure someone gets in touch, but feel free to give us another call at 800-875-6467 in the meantime (our systems are back up and running again)!

  • I had just purchased LOGOS 5 last Saturday, LOGOS 6 released on Monday. With a very minimal increase in cost/month I was able to get the newest generation. Why stop there? I upgraded two levels and stayed within budget! Very excited to be using the newest LOGOS software.

  • I had similar experiences the first day Logos 6 was out. Customer service person seemed flustered, couldn’t get the computer systems to work, and was defensive when I asked questions. I will wait some time before I hear how 6 is going. Not sure it will be worth the $290 (if that’s even accurate) to crossgrade update.

  • All I care to say about L6 is that it is a BEAST! I'm actually giddy with excitement. I called one of my best ministry colleagues and friend and the two of us were just going crazy over the new capabilities. I'm taking refresher courses at DTS, and my fellow students there are full of chatter. Finally, I should get paid for how many people I've turned onto Logos. It was well worth it.

    • That’s awesome! Thanks so much for your support, Clifford! We’re so glad you’re loving the software :)

  • All I care to say about L6 is that it is a BEAST! I'm actually giddy with excitement. I called one of my best ministry colleagues and friend and the two of us were just going crazy over the new capabilities. I'm taking refresher courses at DTS, and my fellow students there are full of chatter. Finally, I should get paid for how many people I've turned onto Logos. It was well worth it.

  • I called about upgrading since I got Logos 5 less than a year ago through Knox theological seminary and the person was short with me, put me on hold, and after 8 minutes I had to hang up. Great product but the customer service is slipping. This is the second issue for me with them in 3 months

    • I’m so sorry about this, Alex. I’ll have someone from our customer service team give you a call to get this straightened out. Thanks for your patience!

  • I called about upgrading since I got Logos 5 less than a year ago through Knox theological seminary and the person was short with me, put me on hold, and after 8 minutes I had to hang up. Great product but the customer service is slipping. This is the second issue for me with them in 3 months

  • Logos seems to have stressed certain items in development of 6 – certain things seem to be stressed in their advertising. I do not read Hebrew or Greek any other classical language. I will not be preparing fancy visual presentations. Why should someone like me bother with the expense of upgrading?

    Logos did a great job of publishing minimum and recommended hardware and O/S versions for Logos 5. I have managed to find the minimum for 6, but no recommendations. If 6 has released (as indicated by other commenters), why has the environment information not been published?

  • I hear that! I think that they should be handing out some kind of honorary title for those of us spruiking this great product! I've just started 2 weeks annual leave…so ill be taking Logos6 off-road something fierce. Great product.

Written by Sherri Huleatt