. What’s in Store for the EEC in 2016?

What’s in Store for the EEC in 2016?

We have a number of exciting things in store for the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series this year. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in 2016.

The newest volume

EEC_1&2-SamuelRight before the calendar turned over to 2016, we released 1 & 2 Samuel, the final work of renowned scholar Harry A. Hoffner, Jr. An expert Hittitologist, Hoffner brings his understanding of ancient Near-Eastern cultures to the text of 1 & 2 Samuel, providing a commentary that is sure to make an impact for years to come. First and Second Samuel pick up where the book of Judges leaves off, continuing the narrative sweep of the history of Israel. They cover the life of the prophet Samuel, the rise and fall of Saul as King, and the reign of King David. Hoffner examines these books in their historical context, discusses the many characters found throughout, and considers how they anticipate a coming perfect king, Yahweh’s true Anointed One.

Here’s how Hoffner summarizes David’s historical importance:

The story of David is so important for Christians because of how it fits into God’s epoch-spanning plan, which led ultimately to the eternal reign of Jesus, the son of David. The story of David will not depict a sinless or perfect king, but one who in so many ways prefigured the sinless and perfect individual who would fulfill all the promise that was present already in David. This is what can be called the messianic message of 1–2 Samuel: a message that is rooted in a real, historical person and a sequence of real historical events.

This volume should already be available to those who have already ordered the full, 44-volume EEC set.

Coming Soon

EEC_EphesiansThere are a number of volumes in the works, in both digital and print formats:

  • Exodus, Esther, and Ephesians: These volumes should be available in print later this year. This second round of print volumes will be able to join James and 1, 2, & 3 John on the shelves of your library.
  • Ephesians and Jude: These two volumes are now available for individual download from Logos.
  • Philippians: Our editing team has just begun working on finalizing the manuscript for this volume from Mark Keown. It should be released early this year.
  • Jeremiah: We’ve received this manuscript from the Academic Editors and it’s on the docket after Philippians has completed production. This volume from Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. and Tiberius Rata will complete the dual volume on Jeremiah & Lamentations.
  • 1 & 2 Chronicles: We expect to receive this manuscript from the Academic Editors soon and should be released late this year.

We’re very excited to get these new volumes into your hands. We hope they’re a blessing to your research and ministry.

Don’t miss out on the individual EEC volumes available now. Or, get the entire 44-volume collection to make sure you never miss a new volume!

[UPDATE 9/19/16: An announcement from Lexham Press regarding EEC James]

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Jake Mailhot
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  • “Print”? I thought the whole selling point of LOGOS was how much faster and easier to use the electronic library. I understand that it is electronic, but why do a print copy also? Not complaining, just found that to be curious and out of the norm. I look forward to adding it to my library one day- most likely the digital copy.

    • Hi, Michael.

      Yup: Faithlife loves books of all sorts. Lexham Press, our in-house publisher, prints paper books (Long live the codex!) and also publishes their resources in the Logos format.

  • Glad to see the large number of volumes that are scheduled for release in 2016 and 2017 but there are more “TBA”s than I would prefer this far into the project.

Written by Jake Mailhot