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What People Are Saying about 1,500 Quotations for Preachers

Many pastors and speakers enjoy sharing wise and inspirational quotes from the likes of Augustine, Calvin, Luther, and Wesley, but they don’t always have the time to search those authors’ works for just the right words. With 1,500 Quotations for Preachers, with Slides, the task is easy: quotes are organized by author, theme, and Scripture reference.

Here’s what people who use 1,500 Quotations are saying:

“Writers and pastors, do not pass by 1,500 Quotations for Preachers. This is a terrific resource, one I can guarantee is going to get a lot of use in the coming years. I’m thrilled to have it in my Logos library—and I’m sure you will be, too.” —Aaron Armstrong, BloggingTheologically.com

“This is a robust set of volumes that has obviously been put together by a preacher who knows what preachers need in a quotation compendium. Preachers of every stripe will find this a beneficial addition to their Logos collection.” —J. D. Greear, author of Gospel and Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart

“Preachers need to do better than merely combing resources for a pithy quote. They should invest themselves in the original sources as much as possible, and this makes it easy to dig into the original material.” —Joe Thorn, JoeThorn.net

“A striking quote, skillfully employed, resonates in the memory, enabling listeners to carry the sermon’s lesson with them during the following week. . . . This reasonably priced resource provides preachers with a vast array of thought-provoking material that will help illuminate and reinforce great biblical themes and theological truths.” —David Daniels, WiseReader.com

“If you preach or teach the Scripture, it’s worth your time to have this sort of resource working as a research assistant for you.” —Jeremy Writebol, JWritebol.net

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Elliot Ritzema
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  • Question – are the quotations accompanied by the corresponding citation? E.g., John Calvin is quoted, but in what is available in the preview, I don't see a reference to the work from which the phrase is taken – where, specifically does Calvin make the referenced statement? If citations ARE included, this would be an invaluable work.

  • Thanks for asking! The short answer is yes, the citation is included. It does not show up in the preview on the product page, but if you click on the name underneath each quotation, you will see the citation. If you own the resource that is cited in Logos, you can click on the page number and go directly to the source.

Written by Elliot Ritzema