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We just felt we had to give it away—no strings attached.

In an effort to increase subscriptions to Bible Study Magazine, we were planning on giving away a free download of Money Matters by Larry Burkett as an incentive to everyone that subscribed to the magazine in the month of May. Right now the magazine is on sale for only $14.95 for a full year, and Money Matters is a $20 book, so it was a pretty good deal.

After thinking more about the tough economic times we are in, and how much this book could be of use to so many people, we just decided to give it away for free to anyone that wants it—with no strings attached.

All promotions, marketing and freebies aside, we really encourage you to subscribe to Bible Study Magazine. It has something for all levels of Bible study, and is not only receiving rave reviews from the Christian audience, but the secular as well. In fact it was just recognized as one of the top ten of all magazines launched in 2008 by Library Journal!

Check out what Library Journal says in
Best of 2008: Magazines.

“The best new magazines of 2008 have in common the potential to create a devoted readership able to sustain circulation… Each succeeds in presenting distinctive and visually appealing content, in some cases with remarkably creative design. These mags demonstrate that the art of graphic design is thriving. The Best Magazines of 2008 represent a range of target audiences, from general to special interest…

…Bible Study Magazine is a serious, clearly written popular mag that uses biblical scholarship to illuminate but not refute the principal beliefs of evangelical Protestantism. Content includes interviews with well-known evangelical ministers and reports of research by religious studies professors, historians, and archaeologists. …this colorful popular pub is to Bible studies what Scientific American is to science or Psychology Today is to psychology. A thoughtful bridge between the work of scholars and laypersons looking for a deeper understanding of biblical texts.”

We would be thrilled if you would subscribe to Bible Study Magazine for just $14.95 for the entire year, but you don’t have to. No strings attached, if you want Money Matters, go ahead and take it free of charge, just follow the simple steps listed below:

Step 1
Add Money Matters to your cart.

Step 2
Enter coupon code: BIBLESTUDYMAGAZINE at checkout.

Step 3
If you’d like, click “Add to Cart” to subscribe to Bible Study Magazine.

Step 4
Proceed through checkout, and notice that whether you added Bible Study Magazine to your order or not, you will still be required to enter a valid credit card. The system will be unable to process the order for your free book without a valid credit card being entered, even though your total may be $0.00 and you won’t be charged at all.

Step 5
Tell your friends, and link to this post from your blog so others can take advantage of this free gift too!

UPDATE: This promotion ended May 31st, 2009

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Dan Pritchett
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  • And what about those of us who were one of the first to purchase a one-year subscription?

  • WOW! Thanks guys, I’m certain Larry would have said this was a good investment, not only for us who get the book but for you as a company.

  • Does this include those of us who would be extending our subscriptions? It doesn’t matter one way of the other, I will still subscribe.
    Bill Shewmaker

  • Yes Bill, it sure does. We would love it if everyone would subscribe or re-subscribe, but the download is free for anyone with no strings attached! Enjoy!

  • I was wondering something, if a current subscriber purchases a subscription, will it automatically add to the end of one’s current subscription, and not “double up”?

  • Yes Paul, it will automatically add the end of your existing subscription as long as you use the same mailing address. You can easily add another year to your subscription at any time by placing another order for the magazine. When you order with the same mailing address as your current subscription, we add another year on to the end date of your current subscription.
    If you order with a different mailing address we will create a new subscription from scratch, because we will assume you want it in two places, or it is a gift.

  • Don’t you just love it when Logos gives away free stuff? I do, but the next best thing is when they provide you with an amazing deal! What am I refering to?
    Calvin 500 Collection (97 Vols.)
    Ok folks who read this blog listen up. This is the best deal you can imagine, so please if you have not placed a pre-pub (remember if you change your mind later on you can always cancel it!) asap because many of us think this should be out by the end of the year given it is Calvin’s big 500th bday and we need to get the ball rolling on this amazing deal. So I and many other persons are begging the readers of this blog to go here:
    AND PRE-PUB it so we can get it started!
    Yes, I know I am shameless… I cannot help it.

  • Thanks! I already subscribe so I was really grateful that this is available to existing subscribers too! Thank You!

  • Thanks for this timely free offer. I will read and share this offer with my friends.

  • Thanks for this wonderful gift I will use it with my senior group.

  • Hi Grigs,
    I agree 100% with you on the Calvin front. I shall add my voice by also pleading with those who have not pre-ordered the Calvin 500 Collection to. Regards

  • Thank you for this timely gift! I want to subscribe to Bible Study Magazine but cannot at the present time. I plan to subscribe as soon as fiscally possible. Thanks again!

  • I purchased the new digital Library on Preaching last week and have been impressed by the software.
    Many thanks to Logos. GMG

  • Thanks friends! I love it!! Logos is the best!!! I’m glad that I PAID attention to checking the blog and reading everything!!!!

  • Thank you for this timely gift!I love it! Logos is the best! Thank you very much.Jane.

  • Been using Logos since early 90’s – it’s still awesome. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for the book. I really appreciate your generosity.
    Would it be possible to subscribe the “Bible Study Magazine” in downloadable Libronix format?

  • I tried to order the Larry Burkett book, but your system required me to give you my credit card information. If the book is free, and there is no shipping charge, you do not need CC information. Why are you doing this? Will you address this programing error so that more people can take advantage of the offer?

  • As hard to believe as it is, we are actually trying to do something in print for the first time. :-) We do plan to have an electronic version of the archives available once we have enough to put together, but there are a lot of people who like to relax in their chairs and read something in print, and we want to give that format a try too.

  • I really wish we could get around this too, and we are working on it. Obviously the entire ecommerce shopping cart was designed to take orders for products, and when it was designed things like security and privacy were the main concerns. It was designed to make sure it had no back doors or security breaches.
    In order to protect the privacy and security of all our customers it was designed in such a way to block any purchases that did not have a valid credit card, and at the same time it ended up blocking all purchases without a credit card even if there was no amount charged.
    We are looking for ways that we can maintain the high security and privacy of our customers’ information and at the same time remove the requirement for a card to be present with a zero dollar transaction.
    Another thing to consider is that when we give away free gifts to our users, the vast majority of them already have purchased something from our website and have a credit card on file. They are typically already logged into their web account, they just add the freebie to their cart and proceed through checkout. There is no new information exchanged, and the entire transaction is seamless and simple.

  • Thank you. My grandson needs this info badly. I plan to give the book to him.
    Amanda Copeland

  • Is the Money Matters offer still good (June 11)? I just found this message in my long-clogged email.

Written by Dan Pritchett