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We Messed Up, and We’re Sorry

We’re really sorry about the mess.

We admit it: things got confusing, difficult, and downright weird with Logos 5. We introduced all-new base packages with new names and prices. The website crashed. We threw in a completely new custom discount system. The Minimal Crossgrade came out. And it all went down during the busy holiday season!

That’s a lot to take in, and in the hullaballoo, you may feel like you missed out on the best upgrade opportunity:

The first few months of Logos 5 were crazy, and you’re wishing we’d given you a clearer upgrade message.

Did This Happen to You? Let Us Make It Right!

The confusion has died down. You’ve had time to play with Logos 5, explore the new and enhanced features, watch the videos, read the blog posts, and connect with other Logos 5 fans. You know more about the upgrade discounts than you did when you upgraded—and now you have a chance to get the base package you really want without missing out on that first-time-upgrade discount!

Just email our Sales Department and ask for the Second-Chance Deal, or call them at 1-800-875-6467. You’ll get a clean slate. You’ll get to pick your bigger, better Logos 5 base package and get the huge savings that come with it.

You deserve a shot at the best deal you can get during Logos 5’s introduction, and we’re sorry that we didn’t make all this easier to understand back in November. So seize this opportunity: contact Sales and enjoy the base package (and discount) you really want.

Email Sales for Your Second-Chance Deal!

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  • If I only knew that logos 5 was going be coming out I would have waited only had it about four months I have to wait now be for I can upgrade to 5 it’s just out of budget to do the upgrade

    • Hello to all,I have silver and did the crossgrade I got all of the new platform for 5 and a few new books. I paid 154.00. with this you have every feature that the most expensive ones has.

  • It’s comforting to know others are confused also. Last year, I purchased Scholar and was only 6 months into my payment plan when v.5 was announced. I still don’t understand why there is no Scholar now and why I have to pay ~$400 to receive the base software. It would have cost less if I had never purchased v.4 and just waited 6 months. I guess the new features are wonderful but I’m still trying to learn to effectively use what I bought last year. I’m sure all the nice things said above are true, but I’m still confused. Now, if I don’t upgrade before February, I fear Logos will stop supporting me on v.4 and I won’t get any upgrade in the future.

    • Jim,

      We have similar stories with the same frustrations and concerns. Perhaps, the difference between your story and mine is that I actually called a few times for a refund. Ultimately, they convinced me to keep it. It had nothing to do with the library–it had everything to do with the search engine. The fact is: LOGOS is awesome, but only if you know how to use it. I, like so many other users, were overwhelmed with the complexities of the search engine.

      I tell you what–I was fuming when I saw LOGOS 5 come out. I heard and read hundreds of testimonies about the renovation of the search engine and how much simpler it was to find anything. I decided to write the president of LOGOS and share my frustrations. Shockingly, he wrote me back and set me up with what I consider a fair compromise. The bottom line is: he took care of me and I believe he will do the same for you.

      Regardless what you decide–you have to get LOGOS 5! It is everything everyone claims it to be. Then consider an upgrade in packages. The most important part is that I am very satisfied. Give it a shot and see what happens.

      Grace and Peace,

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