. Using Your New Logos 4 Resources in Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1

Using Your New Logos 4 Resources in Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1

All of our Logos 4 base packages are packed with new content. If you crossgrade from Gold version 3 to Gold version 4, you’ll add almost 200 new resources to your library. If you upgrade to a higher-level base package—from, say, Leader’s version 3 to Silver version 4—you’ll likely pick up even more new resources.

Did you know that you can use the vast majority* of your new Logos 4 resources in Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1? Although Logos 4 is intended to replace our previous generation software, some of you may want to continue to run both versions side by side for a little while.

  1. If you’re a Mac user, you may want to continue to use Logos for Mac 1 as well as Logos 4 for Mac until the latter comes out of testing and is more reliable for daily use.
  2. If you’re a Windows user, you may want to continue to use Logos 3 alongside Logos 4 until you learn the ropes of Logos 4 or until your favorite feature gets added.

One of the great things about Logos 4 is that it installs right alongside of Logos 3 and Logos for Mac 1, so you can continue to use both as long as you’d like without any problems.

Maybe you’re on the edge about upgrading because you aren’t sure if you’re ready to learn a whole new program, or you’re not sure if your computer can even handle Logos 4. The good news is that you can still take advantage of our incredible introductory base package and base package upgrade discounts without having to commit to switching to Logos 4 entirely or at all. When you’re ready to make that transition, you’ll be all set. In the meantime, you can add a ton of new books to your existing Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1 library at some of our lowest prices ever.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Purchase a Logos 4 Base Package

Purchase one of our base package upgrades by going to our customized upgrade discounter. Even if you’re not going to run Logos 4 exclusively or at all (for now) and you just want the books, you’ll still want to purchase a Logos 4 base package or base package upgrade so you can use those books on Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1.

Step 2: Sync Your Licenses

After you’ve purchased, installed, and logged in to your new Logos 4 base package or base package upgrade, the next step is to sync your new licenses back into Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1. You can do this in Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1 by going to Tools > Library Management > Synchronize Licenses. This will guarantee that all of your new Logos 4 licenses are in place so your books will show up as unlocked when you copy them over.

Step 3: Load Your Books

Now that you’ve updated your licenses on Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1, the next step is to load your books.

Loading Your Books from a Media-Only Disk or Disk Set

Logos 4 uses a new and improved resource format (.logos4) to enable some cool new functionality, so you won’t be able to load the resources from the Logos 4 DVD. Instead, you’ll need to purchase one of the new media-only disks, which have Logos 3 and Logos for Mac 1 versions (in .lbxlls format) of the new Logos 4 resources.

If you need a CD set (on 12 disks), it’s available for special order by calling 800-875-6467.

When you get your disk or disk set, open Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1 and insert the disk. You’ll be prompted to copy the new resources to your hard drive. If you’re not, you can load them by going to Tools > Library Management > Location Manager on Windows or Tools > Library Management > Resource Installer on Mac. After Logos has copied all of the files over, be sure to repeat the process with the remaining disks.

Loading Your Books via Download

If you’re a Windows user, you’d rather not spend the money for the media-only disk or wait for it to arrive, and you have a fast internet connection, you can load your new books on Logos 3 by running a resource update script. Just click the link for your base package below, and Libronix Update will download all of the available resources from our server that are missing from your computer.

Warning: This could be a very large download—up to 6GBs of files. If you can’t handle large downloads, your best option is to purchase the media-only DVD.

Building Your Library

Another question that comes up from time to time from people using our old and new software side by side is if they can continue to purchase Pre-Pubs and other books and get them to work in both versions.

All of our add-on products will work in Logos 3, Logos for Mac 1, and Logos 4 unless otherwise stated. We’ll make sure to put a clear note on the product page if it won’t work on all four platforms. So you can safely purchase for any or all versions of our software that you use.

Disk or Download?

We’re moving in the direction of delivering our products via download. It’s easier and less expensive for us and for you. When you purchase the downloadable version of an individual title or collection, we’ll provide you with instructions for loading the books on all of our platforms. You’ll be able to add your new books to as many platforms as you use.

The disk method, which is usually a CD-ROM, requires that you’re using (or are willing to install) our previous generation software: Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1. If you choose the CD-ROM option, you’ll need to load your new books into Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1, sync your licenses, and then launch Logos 4. Logos 4 will see the new license and will automatically fetch the files from our server and download them.

So there you have it. Enjoy using your new books on whichever versions of our software you have.

*Some books in Logos 4 are not able available in .lbxlls format for technical reasons (e.g., Logos 4 Media Resources and the new reverse interlinears).

Written by
Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of four, Vice President and General Manager of Bible Study Products at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

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  • Not intending to be finicky, but the version of Logos 4 for Mac is not in Beta testing, to my understanding. What is currently available to users is an Alpha build, which lacks much of the user interface, and in my experience has limited or no functionality for daily use. I’m not intending to criticise this, merely to state the position more accurately so as to ensure that the expectations of other customers are not raised, only to be dashed!

  • This is good news for me. Despite how much I like it, It now seems that I need to uninstall Logos 4. I simply cannot afford the hard disk space until I upgrade my computer. No biggie – I’ll just use Logos 3 until that time arrives.

  • I’m concerned about downloading books rather than buying hard media. What happens if my computer crashes or I buy a new one? How would I transfer the library to a different computer? What happens if you go out of business or are purchased by another company? I wish you would rethink your decision to stop providing hard media. It seems to me that those of us who have invested alot of money in downloaded titles could easily have our investment wiped out. Please rethink your strategy. I don’t mind paying for the CD’s and DVD’s.

  • Thank you so much for making it clear to customers how large and how long some of these downloads are. I also want to compliment you for clearly presenting what options a customer has and the pros and cons of each option. I would especially like to thank you for listening to your customer’s feedback and striving to make their purchasing and installation experience with Logos as good as possible.
    While on the topic of feedback—may I suggest that you post estimated download times for various internet connects. Microsoft does this with their download pages and I find it helpful to have a rough idea of how long a download will take.

  • HUGELY HELPFUL BLOG POST! For those of us who are intrigued but somewhat befuddled by Logos 4, this is wonderful. I instantly upgraded to Logos 4 via internet as soon as it was available, and confess to being so lost and confused when it was all installed and indexed, that I really couldn’t do more than browse around feeling helplessly lost.
    I highly recommend that Logos post a nice fat 30 or 60 minute video on the site that guides users (new and old) in using the software. The current videos are so fragmented that a user has to hunt around, watch a lot of obscure technical featurism, and then scan around to find another one with an intriguing title. How much better to give us a comrehensive introduction with examples of searches, studies, etc. Till that day arrives (or Morris Proctor’s excellent DVD’s of Logos 4… I’ll be working in Logos 3

  • Thanks for the comment, Colin. I’m sorry for the confusion. I was using “beta testing” in it’s broader sense to refer to pre-release testing (alpha, beta, and RC). You’re right, though, that it’s still a good ways from an actual beta. I’ll clarify this in the post.

  • I ‘instantly’ clicked on the link for my package (Original Languages) and watched it download a series of interesting books I’d never noticed on my L4. I thought, wow, this is great. Then after I finished, I went to L3 to see. But of course … they’re all locked (the ones not in L4). I like the new unlocked L4 books but I’m not sure why the locked books were even downloaded (I’d never buy them since I use other software for commentaries etc). Not frustrated or anything and actually quite happy!

  • Denise, thanks for your comment. Can you list a couple of the locked titles that got downloaded so I can explore what’s going on? Thanks!

  • Here some, just going down the library: ‘Beloved Disciples Memoirs’/Utley, ‘Bibical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood’/Grudem, ‘Exploring Church History’/Eckman, ‘A Popular Account of the Ancient Egyptians’/Wilkinson etc. I don’t see any particular pattern. Again, happy with the back-version support.

  • Thanks for the post – it is great to be able to use all of my new resources with the older platform from time to time. I have an older machine at home, and this has added functionality to the Logos 3 I have installed there. It is a bit slow to run Logos 4 the way my office computer does.

  • I just installed Logos 4 and ran a passage guide. Although Logos pulls a lot of information, I found some important information such as Illustrations did not appear as Logos 3 did. It is needed for people who prepare sermon using this software.
    The configuration was intended to make easy, but I think Logos should create some useful (most people need) layouts or templates instead of letting people try and err to make not easy to use layouts.
    I think Logos should also make resources arrangement / configuration more robust. For example, although Logos provide some sort of My collections or My contents, Logos should to categorize library into categories so that users can easily pull information from library.
    Logos need to provide more task orientated tutorials to help users to do their study work easily instead of ask users to spend more money to get training. I believe Logos should make best efforts to help users to use their product especially Logos 4 with NO extra cost, such as training camp. Although Logos’ home page injects a lot of information, it is messy and it is confusion because no category at all. I think Logos need to do some usability research and make the work desktop more user friendly.

  • Excellent article. I had already sychronized my licenses on Logos 3 and noticed some new books (e.g. PNTC and others) opened up. Not all though, like Charles Simeon Horae Homileticae which are very helpful for sermon ideas. And when I clicked on the Platinum link so it would install the new resources on my L3 it only said I needed to install about 5 resources, when I know there are several others that are not showing.
    One question concerning Sync. Is there any way to back up licenses on a disk or thumb drive like we used to on Logos 3? I’m glad Logos 4 does that automatically and saves them on your server, but what if I go over seas, get a new laptop and have no access to the internet? How can I install the Logos 3 & 4 resources without licences backed up on a disk? Will they just automatically work with no internet connection? Just a thought. Thanks for this great software!

  • Denise, I believe these should all be unlocked. Did you make sure to synchronize your licenses in Libronix? Give that a try, and then restart. I think that should do it.

  • Tom, thanks for your feedback.
    Logos 4 takes care of the first problem. Installing Logos 4 on a new computer is a cinch. Just download the installer, and Logos 4 will do the rest. It will load all of your personal documents and settings and pull all of your book files down from our servers.
    On the second, if you’d like, you can back up your resources to a second hard drive or to disks. In the future, you’ll be able to special order a custom DVD with books you’ve purchased to have as a backup.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Keith. We’re looking into ways to better communicate expected download times.

  • Phil,
    I’m finding that with L4 I really NEED to check the blog daily or I may miss something important such as the download links for L4 resources for L3. And if I had my home page set up for this, then I would get it through L4…Thanks for all you do, Phil!

  • Hmm. You might want to contact our support team to figure out what’s going on here: 800-875-6467 or customersupport@logos.com.
    There is currently no way to back up your licenses locally other than doing a complete backup of your computer. We do provide some support for people you have no access to the internet. You’ll need to contact our support staff for assistance in such cases.

  • Why don’t you stream the media only DVD in Bittorrent? I guess that since the license mechanism is working and the books are there on FTP, there is no danger to you, but this will help users have the DVD faster than by snail mail.

  • I purchased Logos 4, but I won’t be able to download it until I upgrade my computers. I am running Windows XP SP2 and the download script says I must have SP3 to begin the download. Is there a way to download the new resources to use with Logos 3 until I am able upgrade my computers? Thanks for all your support! I am looking forward to running what looks to be a great program.

  • Phil,
    Thanks for answering my question. I really feel alot better about things now. My Logos library is critical to both my teaching and preaching ministry and I’d be in very bad shape without it. Thanks again.

  • I tried several synchronize licenses, along with re-starts (of L3). They’re still locked. But logically it doesn’t seem like I ‘deserve’ them since they’re not in my L4 collection either (I do have the L4 group loaded into L3). Again not complaining and extremely pleased a punch!

  • Phil, Peace and Joy in the Lord to you and Bob and ALL of your Logos colleagues.
    My first Logos purchase was in the early 90’s – 3 1/2 inch floppy disks – I think there were 8 of them – somewhere around 1992 or so ……..
    I was impressed then. I am impressed now! How grateful I am to our Gracious God for permiting Logos to exist and prosper.
    My life has been enriched and my Walk with God has been strengthened. .. do pray for the work of Logos occasionally, as I think about it ….
    Really, I could go on and on and on …
    However, I really needed to send you this Post of Gratitude since I’m quite amazed always at your consideration for and your service to your customers. We are so fortunate. (Don’t believe in “luck,” really: We are so BLESSED!)
    I have Logos 4 Portfolio, and am quite pleased, indeed! However, today, to be able to download the Logos 4 resources that do work on Logos 3 was an amazing “treat.”
    Actually, I don’t use 3.0g (now g!) much anymore except for a few things. Am learning and loving more everyday Logos 4! But it is really nice — could I say “comforting” (?) — to still be able to run L3 with L4 concurrently.
    Yours in Christ,
    … Mel

  • After attending Camp Logos 1 for Logos 4, my whole perspective has changed. I wondered how could Libronix 3 be improved? After sitting under the teaching of Morris Proctor this week, all I can say is thank you Bob and team for the “Reimagined” software tool – It is awesome! Thank you “Mo”, you are the ideal teacher for Logos – your patience and unique manner in teaching us is to be commended.

  • Phil,
    I have indeed viewed all the videos submitted by users, as well as a large number of the Logos supplied videos on the training page. While all of them are helpful, there still isn’t a cohesive video that demonstrates how to use Logos 4. I’m not asking for Logos to duplicated the detail in MP Seminars, but an overview of features demonstrated with real world examples from the perspective of a new user (not a developer, not a beta tester, not a theologian with a seminary degree who speaks Greek, and Hebrew fluently).
    Lets pretend that thousands of students arrived on campus with only the knowledge of where the school is located. A half hour (or hour) indoctrination class would show them around, locate the bookstore, cafeteria, dormitories, etc. Now in the weeks to come all the new students would learn all the gritty details of school life, but thanks to the indoctrination class, they can hit the ground running on the first day.

  • I purchased Logos 4, but I am not able to download it yet because my computer is set up with Windows XP SP2 and the download script indicates I need SP3 before downloading the program. I was wondering if there is a way to download the new Logos 4 resources to use with Logos 3 until I can upgrade my computers? Thanks again for all Logos is doing. I am really looking forward to running what looks to be a great program!

  • I guess you can ignore my previous post. I should have read your post closer because it clearly answers my question. Thanks!

  • Thanks Logos for making those resources available in the Libronix format. You just proved again you really listen to your customers. Excellent job. Already downloading…

  • Logos is great. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible. I have loved Logos 3. But, my computer is too slow with Logos 4. I’ve a Vista and hardware limit of 2 Gb and I think that is slowing it down. It may have to sit until I get a more powerful computer.

  • Thank, This was the easiest install ever… Just follow the 1.2.3 instructions and go to bed… Wake up with all the information to update Libronix 3 and Logos 4 in installed and indexed…

  • Blog team & readers,
    I’ve attempted the Scholar’s Library: Silver script to download all of the Logos 4 books for use in Logos 3. In fact, I’ve attempted it several times on both my desktop and laptop with identical results: It begins the update and downloads several resources, but always attempts to download “1000 Bible images” multiple times (it gets to 99%, sits there a while, and then starts over at 0%) until the update ultimately fails. I can deselect 1000 images from the update list, start over, and the download will bypass it and continue downloading until it gets to the “Holman Bible Atlas” where it does the same repetition until failure. I can deselect the Bible atlas, start the updte over again, then it fails on another Holman resource, etc, etc.
    The desktop is Windows Vista Ultimate, the laptop is Vista Home basic. Logos 3 licenses are synced, and both machines were rebooted between attempts to take Vista’s general flakiness into consideration. Anyone else having similar difficulties, or have advice?

  • When I purchased my upgrade, I immediately started the download, and went ooof! 9.5 Gigabytes to download! Fortunately I had read that the discovery phase of the upgrade might take overnight, so I was starting this in the evening. What worried me was that I needed to start L4 to get the discovery process going. I figured this was going to take another whole day and was greatly surprised to find the program running the next morning, busily discovering my resources and getting everything ready to go for me… I went back to my computer about 10 minutes later to see if I could possibly do anything else on it during this heavy process. Imagine my pleasure to discover the progam just sitting there, ready and waiting for me! The download and discovery process had just completed.
    I should also have read further to discover that L3 would still function properly. Accidently, I clicked on the old icon and started L3. I quickly shut it back down, fearing that I would corrupt the new L4 files and make them unusable. I was most pleased when I could immediately continue working in L4!
    Additionally, not knowing that L3 could still be used, I fought my way through L4 without looking at any training videos… This was a bit challenging, but I was in the midst of sermon preparation, so what choice did I have? My learning process kept being interrupted by new discoveries as I found out how to do something I “used to be able to do” in L3, and could once again do so in L4, or better yet, found that there was now a better, automatic method in place!
    I hope this discovery process continues and these new little “gems” will continue to pop up to my surprise! The new upgrade FAR exceeded my expectations – this is a whole new creation. You might have used an in-house code phrase for the developers of “New Jerusalem!” As I learn how to use more and more of the features, I find myself in a heavenly state of mind with all of the fun new ways of doing things – some of which seem very inspired!
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the Academic Discount Program as well. You are helping fledgling pastors as they struggle with classes and congregations – helping us as we try to feed the flock and continue our education. May God’s peace and blessings continue to flow in and around all those who design, create, market, and use your products!
    -Pastor Paul-

  • For those mac users that want to run the latest and greatest Logos software, I highly recommend the Parallels Desktop software for mac. I am running an XP Pro virtual machine on a macbook with OS 10.6, and the Logos 4 software runs beautifully. I love the the Logos 4 improvements–it is so intuitive. Congratulations to the design team!

  • Thanks so much for the link. While I’m migrating to L4, it’s nice to have a familiar interface available in L3 for awhile. Besides, I still have several pre-pubs coming on CDs and since I haven’t heard back from my emails to you about how to treat those orders, I’m leaving the CDs as such and will be sure to use download for future purchases. It’s nice to know that I can have all these resources in both iterations of the application however. Blessings

  • I just downloaded L4 for Mac (Alpha version 6). I presently have Scholar’s Gold for Mac 1.2.2 and upgraded to the new L4 to acquire the new resources and try out the new changes. After reading some of these postings, I see that others may be having the same issues upon downloading this Alpha, which really should come as no surprise to me as I clearly read about the functional limitations and other issues with Alpha versions.
    For instance, certain volumes are not showing up in my library, e.g., 1000 Bible Images – it does not show up in my library in either the Mac 1.2.2 version or the new L4 version. Can anyone enlighten me about possible volumes not showing up in the library after downloading and the cause?
    In addition, what is Logos logo doing in my menu bar? In particular, it shows 4 options: Pause Indexing for Four Hours; Cancel Downloading; Cancel Indexing; Cancel All. Is this “Indexing” still in progress and running in the background? What is this “indexing” and how long will it take to complete?

  • Gerry, try deleting your temporary internet files. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the contents of the inbound folder at C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Inbound.

  • Logos 4 builds an index of every word in every book in your library to enable you to search your entire library in just a few seconds. The process can take many hours depending on the speed of your computer and how much RAM you have.

  • I used the link for Portfolio to update my L3 to use the resources in 4, but it provided an odd result. I still have many “grayed out” items in my Library list (all of John Bunyan’s stuff and A. Pink’s stuff, for example) but I can tell that some things in 4 are now available. Particularly unusual is the fact that I only have partial availability of some series. For instance, I only have half of the College Press NIV commentary titles available, the others are grayed out. Is this to be expected (for now), or is something amiss? If it is a “work in progress”, about when will the next update appear?

  • I really need some help. I tried using the links provided in this post and I get to a certain point and the same resource keeps downloading over and over and finally the download fails with an error message 7. I am not using a wireless connection and have an internet connection of 22MB down. I am using the Scholars Library: Silver script and if I leave all resources checked, the download stalls and fails on 1000 Biblical images. If I uncheck that resource, it moves on and fails at some other point depending on what I checked. I tried downloading just the 1000 biblical images and it failed as described above by itself. Any thoughts or ideas on how to overcome this?

  • I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I tried deleting the temp internet and inbound folders contents as mentioned in the advice from Phil above and I still have the same issues. Mine hangs in exactly the same places as mentioned above.

  • (In replay to both of your posts) I also deleted the browser history, and removed all files from c:\program files\Libronix DLS\inbound … and restarted the upgrade while only selecting “1000 Bible Illustrations”.
    Same result: it downloads to 99% then begins the download again, and after several iterations, fails the upgrade completely.
    Since you and I are having identical symptoms, and only certain resources cause the looping/failure, and since we’re both using the Siliver upgrade script link above; I suspect that the issue isn’t at our end. Hopefully we’ll get a response that resolves this for us.

  • I purchased and loaded Logos 4. I then purchased the media only disk to allow me to load and use my new volumes on Logos 3. However, now when I open Logos 3, it asks my to provide the serial number for Logos 4. I do not recall getting a serial number for Logos 4. There is no number on the packaging and when I loaded Logos 4 the program seemed to use my email address to register the product rather than a serial number I typed in. All the Logos 4 resources were copied and are available in Logos 3, but every time I open Logos 3 it asks for a serial number that I do not have.

  • Phil,
    Based on your reply to Gerry, I tried it just now and it still behaves exactly as it always has. It still downloads 99% of 1ooo Bible Images hangs for a few seconds and then restarts the download and repeats the cycle until it says the download fails. It is not fixed yet… at least on my end.

  • I have “Logos 4” and “Scholar’s Library: Portfolio (LE)” installed.
    Please guide me to “Library Management” in Logos 4 [i.e., how to navigate to it in Logos 4], I do not see it in “Tools”, I would like to do a license backup in Logos 4. In Logos 3 the whole section of “Library Management” is in “Tools”.
    In Logos 3 all the resource files are in “C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources\”; after I installed “Logos 4” and “Scholar’s Library: Portfolio (LE)”, I find “C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources\” has the same number of files as before I installed “Scholar’s Library: Portfolio (LE)”, so I conclude that in Logos 4 the resource files are stored somewhere else, please let me know where are all the resource files in Logos 4?
    Please kindly reply vie my email.
    Thank you very much.

  • There is no Library Management equivalent in Logos 4. Your licenses are backed up on our servers, so it’s not necessary to back up a copy locally.
    The files for Logos 4 are hidden. If you must see what’s under the hood, you’ll find them in AppData\Local\Logos4. :)

  • From one of our developers:
    Unfortunately, there were several issues that resulted in possible out-of-date metadata in some of the scripts all day Friday. ETD put up 500 or so resources and our program that uploads the files to Amazon’s S3 server was failing, presumably due to the duration of the upload. I fixed that program and got the resources uploaded, and also added functionality for updating the product resource scripts on the fly. The process wasn’t complete until a little after 11:00 PM on Friday. Another glitch caused some of the scripts to be out of sync between 5:00 AM and around 11:30 AM this morning, though that problem has been fixed as well.
    I’ve run tests to compare the scripts’ metadata with data from files on the server and everything looks good. If users continue to have problems, a log file would really help in diagnosing them. Users can find information for logging at http://www.logos.com/support/lbs/logging/update.

  • I tried it again beginning at 7PM Eastern time on Mon. 14 Dec. First try was without enabling logging, second try was after enabling logging. It started with 1000 Bible Images and as before reached 99%, paused a while, then began the download again.
    I stopped the Upgrade, disabled logging, and I have three files in the documents\Libronix Log Files directory (ldlsadmn.log, libsys.log, and update.log). Unfortunately, the developer didn’t give me either an email address or ftp site to send them to.

  • Phil,
    Thanks for sticking with me on this issue. I just tried to run the script again and it still hangs in exactly the same place: 1000 Bible Images. If I try and download just the just the 1000 Bible Images, it still hangs and if I uncheck 1000 Bible Images, the download proceeds to Holman’s and hangs again. I will be glad to provide a log if you could tell me where to send it. Once again, thanks for your interest and help on this.

  • I have Logos Mac 1 (Logos 3) and Logos 4 – I have synced the licenses ok. How do I get Logos 3 to load the new Logos 4 extra resources by download. Thanks -Paul W

  • Unfortunately, the resource download scripts work only for the Windows version of Logos. If you’re using the Mac version, you’ll need to order a media-only disk to load your books.

  • I received a disk when I purchased Logos 4 the day that it came out, (I originally purchased Logos 4 Gold and then updated to platinum as a download) and so I believe the disk that I received doesn’t contain all the extra resources in Platinum. Is this correct and if so how do I order the new disk? Will it cost me any money at all? Thanks, Ben

  • I forgot to mention that I am running Logos 1 for Mac, so I cannot download the extra resources.
    Cheers, ben

  • When I try to update L3 with my books from L4 Leaders library, it gives me a download error on the KJV. I’ve tried it three times, every time the same error. After unchecking KJV I have no problems.

  • How do I create linked sets so that my Bibles will track together in Logos 4, both Windows and Mac?

  • Open the resources you want to link together. They need to be resources that have the same navigation scheme (e.g., Bible references, dictionary entries). Click on the book cover image in the top left corner and click on A (or B–F). Do the same for the other resource. As you navigate, they should track together. This should work the same on the Mac.

  • Phil, I had a similar problem with God’s Word translation (along with KJV). Thanks.

  • I downloaded Scholars Logos 4 upgrade for my mac and now I see from this blog I need the disk to make it work and unlock the new resources. I didn’t ask for it not knowing I needed it. When I go to the upgrade page this choice is no longer available since it shows I already upgraded. How do I order the disk?

  • I too need some help. I tried downloading the resources from Logos 4 so I can use them in my Logos 3. I am also trying to go from Scholars Silver to Scholars Silver. I have experienced the same problems Gerry has described above. I have followed the exact procedure as described on this post. I have synchronized the licenses on L3. The download starts without any problems until it gets to 68% at the King James Bible; then it starts to loop for several times until it stops and gives me “error 7”. I have deleted the “Temporary Internet Files” as recommended above without any luck. Have any of you been able to solve the problem? I appreciate your help. I am using a desktop Pentium 4, with 2 Gigs of Ram, and Windows XP. Thanks for your help.

  • I was able to download and install the available resources of Logos 4 in Libronix 3. I deleted all temporary internet files and disabled Norton antivirus. Then, I deselected the KJB from the list of resources to download and the update went through. Now I will keep using and enjoying my familiar L3 until the missing features of L4 are included. Thanks for your help.

Written by Phil Gons