. Using Logos 7? Please Make This Important Security Update Now

Using Logos 7? Please Make This Important Security Update Now

We’re preparing to make a security update to our servers to protect your data and comply with current regulations regarding Transport Layer Security (TLS). It’s important for you to update your Logos software to ensure full functionality after we make this server update.

How to update Logos

When you are running the Logos 7 desktop app, just type “update now” (without quotes) into the Command bar. Be sure you are connected to the internet. The update will install for you.

What happens if I don’t update?

After we make these changes, some Logos users who have not updated to Logos version 7.18 SR-1 or newer may experience limited software functionality, depending on their operating system and update settings.

To maintain the full functionality of your Logos software and ensure your security, it’s important for you to update to the most recent version of Logos 7. Learn more about manually updating Logos 7.

How to turn on automatic updates

To continue to receive important security updates automatically, ensure automatic updates are turned on.

Click Tools > Program Settings. Scroll down to the Internet section and ensure that both Use Internet and Automatically Download Updates are set to Yes.


See frequently asked questions.

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Tyler Smith
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    • Hi Malcolm, you’re all set. Upgrading to Logos 8 takes care of the issue. Enjoy 8!

  • Hello, you suggest that the current platform is not secure. Can you tell
    me definitively if there is a possibility that your/our data may have been compromised in any way? Do you know if you have been the target of cyber criminals? Has anyone gained unauthorized access to your servers or computer systems? Thank you!

    • Hi, Aron.

      No, our data has not been compromised and we have not been attacked by cyber criminals. No one has gained unauthorized access to our servers. This security update is to comply with regulatory guidance regarding Transport Layer Security. We’re making the update to preemptively protect your data, NOT because it has been compromised. For more information, see the FAQs on Logos.com/Logos-7-manual-update.

      Thanks for asking!

  • I have logos 7 and as far as I know am being updated periodically. I have updated to Logos 8, do I need to update logos 7.17SR-1?

Written by Tyler Smith