Uncover Treasure in Scripture with the Factbook

unlock the treasure in scripture
In our fast-paced world, it’s important to set aside time with God. But even if you take the time to meditate and reflect on God’s Word, some passages are so embedded in the context of the ancient world that they’re challenging—and frustrating—to interpret. Many of us would love to really dig into the historical, literary, and cultural context of a passage—but have no idea where to begin.

Logos 6 can break down some of those barriers with just a few clicks. The Factbook is your one-stop guide for information on any biblical concept or area of study. It’s a massive, interactive, biblical encyclopedia with articles, media, and more culled from resources across your Logos library. 

This powerful tool allows you to study any person, place, or thing mentioned in Scripture. With a simple search, you can find images, biblical events, and references from your library that relate to your topic of study. Logos gathers hours’ worth of research in seconds. See how the Factbook can give you a head start on your Bible study.


If you’ve never owned a Logos base package, then we want you to experience the ways Logos 6 can unlock insight in your Bible study. Until July 15, purchase a new Gold or Platinum base package and receive the Factbook Collectionfor free. This collection compiles an array of hand-selected books to make the Factbook tool more powerful than ever before. Deepen your understanding of Scripture and unveil  hidden treasure in the Bible. Get Logos 6—and a treasure trove of free gifts—now!

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