. Top 10 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Logos 4

Top 10 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Logos 4

Since the launch of Logos 4 about three months ago, thousands upon thousands of people have upgraded to our brand new software platform with one of our newly reconfigured and much bigger base packages. In fact, some people have even upgraded multiple times. They moved over to Logos 4 at their same base package level, were blown away, and then decided to go all the way up to Platinum or Portfolio.

But not everyone has upgraded yet, and I’ve seen a variety of reasons people have given for not making the move to Logos 4. I’m not about to tell you what to do with your money. We’re all accountable before God for how we invest the money that He’s entrusted to us. So you’ll have to decide for yourself whether upgrading to Logos 4 fits into wise financial stewardship for you.

However, so many of the reasons that people have been giving for not upgrading to Logos 4 are based on misunderstanding or misinformation that I feel compelled to take the opportunity to respond to some of them while there’s still time to upgrade at our introductory pricing, which expire at the end of the month.

Reason 1: I don’t want to repurchase my books.

I agree. I wouldn’t want to either. But you’re not. In most cases you’re getting thousands of dollars of new resources that you don’t already own for pennies on the dollar. Look how much new content you’re getting if you upgrade from Gold for Logos 3 to Gold for Logos 4 (or higher). That doesn’t even factor in all of the cool databases that lie behind new features like Biblical People, Biblical Place, Biblical Things, etc. or the fact that you’re getting the most advanced Bible software platform on the planet.

So the short answer is that you’re not repurchasing your books. You’re purchasing lots and lots of new content at a huge discount.

Reason 2: The Logos 4 engine isn’t worth what you’re charging for it. / The upgrades are too expensive.

Many people mistakenly think that they’re not getting any new content with their upgrade—just the new engine. But that’s far from the case. In some instances you’re getting enough new content that in print would take a U-Haul truck to deliver! If you look at all the new content you’ll be getting and sit down and do the math, I think you’ll come to the conclusion that our upgrades are anything but too expensive. Most upgraders seem to agree.

Reason 3: I already got the free Logos 4 engine. Why would I want to pay to get Logos 4? Isn’t it just the same thing?

There’s far more to the Logos 4 experience than the new core engine, which is free. Much of what makes Logos 4 shine is tied to resources and databases that come with our new Logos 4 base packages. Explore the 4 ways to move to Logos 4, and find out why you should seriously consider upgrading.

Reason 4: I’ve spent years building my Logos library. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve acquired.

Don’t worry. You won’t. When you move to Logos 4, all your books come with you—even the ones you bought back in the 1990s. That’s the beauty of our licensing system. We sell you a license to a book or group of books, and that license isn’t tied to any particular file format, version of our software, or platform. If you’ve purchased it once from us, you can access it in any or all of the platforms we have available. Currently the available platforms include Windows, Mac (in beta), iPhone/iPod Touch, and mobile web (in beta). We’re even exploring a web version of Logos Bible Software.

Reason 5: The Mac version isn’t ready yet, so I’ll wait until it is.

True. The Mac version is still under development and isn’t ready just yet. However, Mac users might still want to go ahead and upgrade to Logos 4 now. Here are a few reasons: (1) You’ll get a better deal if you upgrade before the end of the month; and remember, you’re purchasing the books, not the engine. (2) You can use most of your new Logos 4 books in Logos for Mac 1.2.2 while you wait for version 4 to get finished. (3) Logos for Mac 1.2.2 and Logos 4 for Mac can run side by side without any problems so you can enjoy the stability of the old version while testing and enjoying the new features in the new version. (4) Logos 4 for Mac is being updated almost weekly with new features and bug fixes, and those updates come to you automatically and at no additional cost.

Reason 6: My computer is too old and probably won’t run Logos 4 well. / I’ve heard Logos 4 is slow.

It may very well be true that your computer won’t run Logos 4 well. Many netbooks and computers older than a few years may struggle to run Logos 4 as speedily as a newer, more powerful machine will. But keep in mind that you can continue to use the vast majority of your new Logos 4 books in Logos 3; think of it as another Library Builder collection. This will allow you to take advantage of the great new content in Logos 4 base packages and be ready to jump right into Logos 4 as soon as you are able to get a new computer.

Reason 7: Logos 4 is missing some of my favorite features. I’ll wait until they get added.

It’s true that Logos 4 doesn’t have all of the features that were in Logos 3. That’s partially because Logos 4 is a brand new platform, and we had a decade to add features to Logos 3. Instead of waiting until we got all of those features in Logos 4, we decided it was time to let you start enjoying all of the improvements you’ve been asking for. The good news is that the most important features from Logos 3 are being added, they’re even better in Logos 4, they’re free, and they’re getting pushed out in updates all the time. By upgrading now, you’ll actually increase the speed at which new features are added to the software.

Reason 8: I don’t want to lose Logos 3.

In the truest sense, as a software program Logos 4 is not an upgrade to Logos 3. Normally when you upgrade your software, it’s “out with the old and in with the new.” But Logos 4 is a completely separate application, which means you can run Logos 3 and Logos 4 side by side for as long as you’d like. You can even use most of your new Logos 4 books in Logos 3 as well. So take your time to learn Logos 4 and continue to enjoy the familiarity of Logos 3 until you’re ready to transition over completely.

Reason 9: Logos 4 is harder to use than Logos 3. / I don’t want to learn a new program.

Just about anything new and unfamiliar is going to be harder to use than something you’re very familiar with and skilled at using. But that doesn’t mean that the new thing isn’t far better than what you’re used to. There are numerous threads in our forums where a Logos 3 user who upgraded to Logos 4 posts about how much better he likes Logos 3, Logos 4 users reply by encouraging the individual to give it some time, and then, almost without fail, the original poster ends up coming back exclaiming how much better Logos 4 is and how much easier it is to use. In other words, the vast majority of people conclude that it’s well worth the effort to learn the new system. We even give you lots of help to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Reason 10: I don’t have the money to upgrade right now.

That may very well be a good reason not to upgrade to Logos 4 right now, but you may want to know that you can use a payment plan to spread your payments out over 12 months. This is perfect for pastors with book budgets. With our introductory pricing ending soon, you should at least consider whether a payment plan is right for you.

Well, that’s 10. I’m sure there are others. If you haven’t upgraded yet, I’m curious to know your reasons. If I haven’t mentioned them above, leave them in the comments. I’d love to have the opportunity to correct any other misinformation about upgrading to Logos 4. I’ll be out of the office all day today, but will do my best to reply to your comments tomorrow.

Written by
Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of four, Vice President and General Manager of Bible Study Products at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

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  • It’s reason #10 for us. We are hoping to be able to upgrade a bit later this year, but there is simply no way we can do it in January, payment plan or not. I wish we could. There are so many things about the new system/new package that look like they would be absolutely fantastic for use in homeschooling my kids. But unless I win the lottery (and I don’t play, so that isn’t likely), we simply cannot spend the money at this time.
    I would love to see more information on ways of using Logos with kids though. One thing I really want to be able to do (and it looks like maybe I could with Logos 4???) is to set up a reading plan using the NIRV for my younger readers. Can I have multiple reading plans going?
    I do have to say that if I saw more ways that this would benefit my kids, I’d be moving it up on my priority list.

  • reading plans are much more flexible and capable in Logos 4. You can have as many reading plans as you want and they are not limited to Bibles only. You can create a reading plan for any book in your library. Another nice feature of Logos 4 if you run Logos on more than one computer, is that your reading plans will automatically synchronize between the computers. That way, if you do some reading on one computer and then want to continue on another (say on your laptop while away from your desk) the reading plan will be properly updated on both computers.
    Another feature that would be particularly good for kids is the Biblical People, Biblical Places, and Biblical Things tools in Logos 4. While Logos 3 had Biblical People, it is improved in Logos 4. All three of these tools are fun and very informative not only for kids, but for adults too. The new Biblical Places and Biblical Things tools includes numerous pictures tied to Bible references.
    I sympathise with your tough decision to spend so many dollars on an upgrade. I know of a couple other people who are unable to make the expenditure right now. I struggled with the decision to upgrade and in fact won’t be sure that it was a good decision until more of the Logos 3 features are built in Logos 4. In the end though, I can say I hope you find a way to afford the upgrade before the discount is gone.

  • Debra, congrats on your decision to homeschool your kids. My wife and I have 6 and have homeschooled them at various times. My eldest graduated through homeschooling and my youngest was brought home again because the private Christian School just wasn’t a good fit.
    I understand the funds situation, so just try to budget down the road.
    In both Logos 3 and Logos 4 can create different reading plans. I have both and I do Like Logos 4’s ability to maintain the reading plans better than Logos 3.
    Logos 4 has really great tools in the Biblical People (better than Logos 3) in that it is more comprehensive. Biblical Things really helps kids get a visual on what the things in the Bible are talking about. Biblical Maps is one of my favorite new items because they are more interactive. You can use your mouse and CTRL key to look at distances between cities. Use the Google Map link to get a picture of the area as it is today. It opens up lots of discussions. One I had was relating the story of Abram being called out of Ur by God to go to a land he did not know. You can get a grasp of the distance traveled following the geographical terrain. The Babylon captivity is another good one.
    Hope that helps.

  • Reason #10 really stands out for me. I’m a full-time seminary student and working part-time. I’m working on my Masters in Theology & Apologetics. I had a really old version about 5 years ago during undergrad when it was called the eBible with the Libronix engine. I love the Word of God and studying it inductively. Most of the resources like theology and apologetics that I am seeking is found in the Scholar’s Library Platinum. If I’m going to purchase something I’m passionate about, I’m gonna get the very best, top of the line product. The Scholar’s Library is over $1,000 but I know it worth every penny if I had it. I think if the payment plan period were extended to 18 -24 months, it would make monthly costs affordable for me and alot of other people. I have to be a good steward with my finances. Paying for school and paying loans if really hindering me from getting something I really need and want right now.

  • If you guys would come up with a couple of chronological reading plans it would be greatly appreciated. We need one for reading both new and old together and one for reading them separately.

  • Marcus,
    Logos offers an academic discount to students at over 800 schools. I purchased what my version at a huge discount when I was a seminary student. Check with Logos or your school to see if your school participates in the program. Here’s the site for more info: http://www.logos.com/academic/program. Hope that helps.

  • Wow, don’t be like a doubting Thomas –
    John 20:27 says Then He said to Thomas, “Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and
    reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing.”
    9 reasons or 10 does it really matter? Not really, Im using LOGOS 4 on my MacBook &
    yes its a work in progress, & on the Parallels side (PC) side it works perfectly. If you want
    the best Bible software for your money, pick up LOGOS 4.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, John. Since there are so many different view on when the biblical books were written, this could be challenging. Are there some accepted chronological plans that you think we should consider including?

  • I have upgraded and one large disappointment for me was that I lost all the organization I did on my library. I have a lot of content and had painstakingly spent several hours getting my library arranged the way I wanted it (collections, materials for different purposes etc.) Now I have to go through that entire process again. Not fun.
    That being said, the upgrades are actually worth the trouble.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience, Brett. One good thing, though, is that collections will be easier to maintain in Logos 4 since they are dynamic and rules based.

  • I currently do not own Logos software, but I am thinking about purchasing it. I have always used Bibleworks in the past, but it seems time to upgrade Bible software so I am checking my options.
    Concerning Logos, price really scares me. Also, did I see correctly I would have to purchase separately the NASB and the ESV versions for basically the same price as I would in print versions? Many of the items included seem helpful, but quite frankly a lot of items included I would never purchase or want for free.
    I am thinking about getting the Logos as a friend of mine has version 3 and I was impressed with the possible helps it offers in writing exegetical papers. The resources included here seemed really helpful.
    I also may have the option of buying another person’s used Logos version 3. It is still not cheap, but way less than what I am seeing of the Version 4. It is time to upgrade my Bible software and I am sending this to you in hopes you might make the case for my purchasing your product.
    Thank you with respect,

  • Both the NASB and ESV come in all of our base packages, so you won’t need to purchase them separately.
    Don’t let the items you don’t want distract you. Look at what you do want, and do the math based on those items alone. I think you’ll find that you’re getting a lot of great content for your money.
    There’s a huge difference between version 3 and version 4. You’re probably not going to want to take the time to learn version 3.
    One of our sales guys will be in touch with you soon to help answer any questions you might have.

  • A lot of guys at seminary (including me) are using netbooks and cheaper/older laptops. Due to all of the speed issues with Logos 4, maybe there should be an alternative version offered (for free) for those of us with slower computers. I have 4gb and a duo processor, but it still is sluggish. Most of us don’t have video cards with enough power for Logos 4.

Written by Phil Gons