The Simple Way to Save on Your Favorite Resources

bp-lineupWhenever someone asks me, “What’s the best way to get great books at the lowest price?”, I tell them to invest in another base package. “But I already own a base package, why would I need another one?”

The answer is simple: with Dynamic Pricing, you don’t pay twice for the same resources. If a base package that you don’t own contains resources that you already have, the price is reduced automatically.

And Baptist base packages? They include some of the most popular resources at the biggest discounts.

Normally, the Spurgeon Sermon Collection, the New American Commentary series, and the A.T. Robertson Collection would cost you over $1,000. However, if you purchased Baptist Silver instead, you’d get all of these plus a couple hundred other books for less—and that doesn’t even include the extra savings that you’d get if you already own some of the items in the base package.

Get the most popular works at the best price…

Even if you’re from another theological tradition, the Baptist base package can add a lot of great content to your library. Maybe you already own Lutheran Gold, but you want the Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection and the New American Commentary series too. If you bought them both separately, you’d end up paying over $700. But with your custom dynamic price, you get those two collections plus hundreds more books—all for a little under $530. That’s over $200 less than if you just bought those two collections by themselves!

Baptist libraries are crammed with awesome works by well-known authors, whether it’s household Baptist names like Charles Spurgeon and John Gill, or recognizable writers from other traditions like Calvin, Darby, Zwingli, and Moody.

If it’s commentaries you want, Baptist base packages have them: the New American Commentary series, the College Press NIV Commentary, the IVP New Testament Commentary Series, and more!

Check out some other great collections that come bundled with the Baptist base packages:

…and take an additional 15% off.

For a limited time, purchasing another base package is better than ever— we’re offering 15% off all base packages. This means that you can get a Baptist base package with all the resources that you’ve been wanting with an additional 15% discount, plus your custom Dynamic Price.

But don’t wait around—this offer ends after August 31st.

Pick up your Baptist base package today!

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