The Secret All Longtime Logos Users Know—and Use to Save Big

Logos’ Dynamic Pricing is your secret ingredient to saving money. 

In a nutshell, it keeps you from ever having to pay twice for resources or features you already own. It means you always get the best deal because your existing library and features are factored in to the price you pay for a Logos package or feature upgrade.

You don’t have to call anyone and ask for it, either. It’s done automatically, as long as you’re signed in to your account.

How does Logos’ Dynamic Pricing work?

When you’re logged in to, our website adjusts the prices you see based on what you already own (books and features).

So when you’re looking at a collection of resources—like a Logos 9 package—you see a custom discount based on what’s already in your library and your software. 

The image below shows an example of what Dynamic Pricing looks like: the user already owns Logos Gold features and resources. With Dynamic Pricing factored in, their price isn’t $1,317.49. It’s only $404.61.

image showing how logos dynamic pricing works

Since you won’t pay twice for what you already have, if you own Logos 8 features like Workflows, the Canvas Tool, and the Theology Guide, you’ll see a dynamic price on feature upgrades, too.

The below example shows Dynamic Pricing for a user who already owns Logos 8 Gold features. Instead of $719.99, they’ll pay just $208.56 for a Full Feature Upgrade.

image showing how logos dynamic pricing works

The bottom line is that Dynamic Pricing gives you the best deal while adding to (not replacing!) your existing library and software.


What will your dynamic prices be? There’s only one way to find out—sign in to Since the special launch discount of 15% is available for a limited time, too, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your package or select a feature upgrade.

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