The Seahawks and the Chargers: Logos’ NFL Connection

We’re passionate about providing you with the most powerful Bible study tools available, and every endorsement is a confirmation that we’re on the right track. So we were thrilled when Miles McPherson, pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego,  sat down to share how he uses Logos for Bible study.

Miles McPherson endorses Logos Bible Software

Wait, was that Russell Wilson!?

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Thanks to McPherson’s NFL relationships and influence, he often gets to interact with well-known players. As you just saw, one of them is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson!

For Logos, it’s important to  support local concerns, infrastructure, and business. It only makes sense that that passion would carry over into local sports.

Wilson will be playing in this Sunday’s big game, and here at Logos—as a proud member of the 12th Man—we’re showing our support for the Hawks with an extra-large 12th Man flag.

Go Hawks!

Now check out the Logos endorsement page to see more recommendations from satisfied users, and download the free Miles-a-Minute app from Miles McPherson!

Written by
Jayson D. Bradley

For the last 20+ years, Jayson's been a pastor, worship leader, and church planter. Now he writes about ministry and Christian engagement.

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  • Change that blue flag to green and then you're cheering for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers…the way it ought to be!

  • I suppose Logos will have to leave me behind, since I have been a Peyton Manning fan since he was born. I was a fan of his father when I was a kid and I root for he and his brother in every game they play. I do certainly appreciate the apparent salvation and Christian ministry of the person about which this article was written and the other Christian NFL player referred to. I rejoice to see Christians everywhere, especially in professional sports, because I am a lover of professional sports. However, I question how we as Christians can oblige the favor of God upon any particular professional team due to their location or some favored player. There are Christians throughout the professional sports arena, especially the NFL. It bothers me to see Christian Companies begin to endorse NFL teams and to justify it because of one player on the team. The Sea Hawks come into question for several reasons. I question Head Coach Pete Carroll’s moral motives and his obvious immoral history. Perhaps he has been forgiven; I certainly hope so. In addition, what about the incident with the Sea Hawk’s cornerback and his rude behavior and very unchristian attitude following their NFC Playoff game with San Francisco a few weeks back? These issues including the obviously purposeful missed call by the officials in the fumble they ruled that gave the Sea Hawks the football very strategically in the 4th quarter of the game, which was conveniently by rule, non-reviewable, mind you. None of these issues spells anything moral or Christian. At the very least, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and all professional sports are nothing short of brutal entertainment. I enjoy watching baseball and football as much as anyone, however, I believe it is important to keep it in perspective, it is entertainment, no different from music, comedy or pay acting, only a different stage. Should we as Christians attempt to “Christianize” certain NFL teams merely because of their location or because of a few isolated Christians associated with them? The Bronco’s certainly do not deserve my public endorsement in the church I pastor due to any moral or Christian dynamic. The only reason I root for them is Peyton Manning. There are lots of reasons I could find not to root for them due to their location, the sale and use of alcohol in their stadium, the apparent illicit use of drugs within the entirety of the NFL family, the obvious irreligious conduct of several Bronco players over the past season and seasons. I am from Mississippi, Peyton Manning’s parents are from Mississippi, it is purely a regional connection and the fact that I like the way Peyton runs an offense and I always have. I am not attempting to Christianize the Denver Broncos, simply because Peyton Manning plays for them. I do not know Mr. Manning’s personal religious preferences, as far as I know he has kept them to himself and has not made them public. I certainly hope is a born again Christian, if he is not, I do hope someone will convince him to trust Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. However, I sincerely doubt that an elite Christian programming company such as this, publicly rooting and pulling for his opponent in the super bowl will accomplish that objective. Would it not be best to leave Jesus Christ out of our favored hopefuls of winning the super bowl, root for our favorite team, and rather be careful to use this event as an evangelistic tool in every way possible through the local church? This is simply my opinion, I respect yours, I just wanted to share it, thank you.

  • The term “thought leaders” should make every one of us cringe. We are to be followers of Christ, not followers of men (1 Cor 3:1-4). Certainly we can gain insights into the Scriptures through the ideas of other teachers; however, we should not be following other men because they are perceived as “cool”, or their ideas have led to exponential “growth” inside the four walls of their church building. Exponential spiritual growth of the hearers should be the goal of someone who teaches the Bible to others, not exponential growth of the number of hearers. May God help us to realize this before the Church falls completely into the pit of Romans 1:26-32.

  • Ok, the Super Bowl is over, finally. Miles McPherson performed perfectly and the Sea Hawk’s defense and offense both performed over and above most everyone’s expectations. As for the Denver Bronco’s? Most of us who root for them are still looking for them, wondering what happened to the team, were they kidnapped? Did they stay in Denver and hire a squad of “look alike’s” to appear in their place? Or, and the most honest and obvious answer is, the Sea Hawk’s were simply the better team and Peyton Manning & Co. were just not good enough to match up with them. What ever happened, the game is history now and I do hope this win for Mr. McPherson will go along way to enhance his public testimony for Jesus Christ. Congratulations, Sea Hawk’s and Head Coach Pete Carroll, for a superb Super Bowl performance, in every respect, offense, defense and special teams. You were clearly the best team and the NFC, at least this year, was clearly the most competitive conference in the NFL. I wish I could say I enjoyed the game, but to say that would be telling a lie. I did, however, enjoy the good football execution and performance by the Sea Hawks, I would have enjoyed it much more had the Bronco’s been able to have performed that way instead, but as the old saying goes and no pun intended, “that is the way the ball bounces”. God bless you all!

Written by Jayson D. Bradley