Take a Globe-Trotting Journey into the History of the New Testament

You’ve heard the skeptics: “We can’t trust the biblical manuscripts.” And sadly, many people believe them without actually knowing the facts.

So what do the experts really say?

The new Faithlife original film Fragments of Truth tackles skeptical claims head on, providing a powerful resource for defending your faith. This feature-length documentary takes you around the globe with renowned scholar Dr. Craig Evans. You’ll join him as he investigates ancient manuscripts, deciphers historical mysteries, and interviews leading experts on the reliability of the New Testament. Along the way, Dr. Craig helps separate sober scholarship from sensationalism while explaining the firm foundation of the Gospels.

Buy the film on digital and Blu-Ray.

Not only is Fragments of Truth now available to watch at home, you can also download a free discussion guide to enhance your viewing experience and facilitate conversations with your friends, small group, or family.


Order Fragments of Truth.

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Faithlife Staff

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    • Hi Ross, Thank you for your response! You may be interested in Faithlife Connect, which has a number of different subscription options that combine Logos Bible Software with Faithlife TV Plus…and more. You can try free for two weeks here: https://connect.faithlife.com/ You can alsor reach out to Customer Service at 800-875-6467. Thank you!

Written by Faithlife Staff