Study 1 Corinthians and Interact with Dr. Craig Blomberg!


Have you ever wanted sit in on a seminary class? Are your days already busy with work and family commitments? How would you like to experience a seminary classroom from home, at your own pace, with one of today’s top scholars? You’re in luck because we are launching a Mobile Ed cohort with a talented New Testament scholar!

Study with a top scholar

Dr. Craig Blomberg is launching his 1st Corinthians cohort on Monday, February 13th! Anyone following Craig Blomberg’s Faithlife Group who has has pre-ordered Book Study: 1 Corinthians (NT334) will have the opportunity to engage in theological discussions with each other and directly with Dr. Craig Blomberg.

Dr. Blomberg is excited to work through 1 Corinthians chapter by chapter, section by section, paragraph by paragraph, and occasionally, verse by verse. Blomberg will progress through the letter to help you understand the narrative flow, the big picture, the reason Paul says what he says, and in the order that he does. Over the 14-week cohort, participants will discuss each unit of the course together and directly with Dr. Craig Blomberg. From marriage and divorce to spiritual gifts and love, the topics covered in Book Study: 1 Corinthians (NT334) will encourage lively theological discussion.

Take a seminary class from home

In this new Mobile Ed course, New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Blomberg provides a comprehensive study of Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth from historical, cultural, literary, and theological perspectives. He explores each passage in light of the overarching narrative flow of the book and relevant Graeco-Roman and Jewish backgrounds.

Follow along at your own pace: this 12-hour course is conveniently divided into short, 7–10 minute segments, making it easy to fit theological education into your busy schedule. Watch at home or on the go with Faithlife TV, Apple TV, and Roku. If you want to dig deeper and explore the course transcript, videos, additional readings, and more, work through the course in Logos Bible Software. Or dig into the transcript with the new web app Courses.Logos.Com (Beta). 

Then, enjoy all the benefits of Mobile Ed combined with the benefits of a seminary classroom. 

Get Book Study: 1 Corinthians (NT334) today.


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Written by Liz Melton