Stream Free Bible Art to Your Mobile Devices

Bible Screen brings Scripture to life by streaming nonstop Bible verse art and animations straight to your computer, television, digital photo frames, tablet, or phone.

Featuring original artwork that plays with or without music, Bible Screen gives you all-day inspiration through one simple application.

Bible Screen is more than a screensaver—it’s a new way to share your faith. By streaming continuous biblical art in your home, church, classroom, or workplace, you can use Bible Screen to inspire yourself and others. Check it out:

Turn any screen into a digital photo frame

Bible Screen isn’t just for computers, Roku screens, and digital photo frames. With Bible Screen, you can turn any screen into a digital photo frame—even your tablet, iPhone, or Android device.

Why turn your phone and tablet off when you can use them to showcase your faith? While you’re charging your device, you can stream Bible text animations and Scripture art. When you’re at your desk, at a coffee shop, or with your loved ones, you can stream beautiful biblical inspiration. Wherever you are, Bible Screen is a great way to share and enjoy the Word.

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Start streaming free Bible art today: download Bible Screen for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android device.

Written by
Jarrid Wilson
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  • Does this work on all Kindle Fires or just the newer versions? Amazon said this app would probably not work on my original Fire.

  • Kathy, that was a very good question you asked. I just tried it on my iPad with WiFi off and it did not play. Evidently, your phone and iPad need to be either on wifi or connected by data (through your mobile service provider). But it's great delivery by Logos. I love it and the music is soothing. :)

  • This is wonderful work by Logos. I just realized the mobile update for both Logos Bible Software and the Faithlife mobile apps and they are excellent; kind of more interactive. The best part yet is that now documents done on the desktop software are now available for both viewing and editing on mobile. What more can one ask? I love it. Thank you Logos.

  • Hugues Anemon Thank you for answering me. Unfortunately I am with Verizon on limited data and I would not be able to keep it on that much. I know it would be handy if I was on wifi all hours as I love to hear and see God's Word. Have a God Blessed Thanksgiving.

Written by Jarrid Wilson