Spurgeon Commentary Collection: Shipping Soon

spurgeon-commentary-collection-new-testament-lettersCharles Spurgeon was one of the most influential and prolific preachers of the modern era. Last year, Lexham Press released the first volume of the Spurgeon Commentary Collection, Galatians. Since then, we’ve been working hard to complete the remaining nine volumes in this series. We’re nearing completion of these volumes, and we’re proud to announce that they’ll be released by the end of the year!

You can order all nine volumes in the Spurgeon Commentary Collection for over 40% off. But hurry—you’ll only be able to take advantage of a deal this good while it’s still on Pre-Pub!

What makes this commentary different

Spurgeon’s writings on the Bible fill dozens of volumes and encompass both published books and spoken sermons. The Spurgeon Commentary Collection looks to collect his thoughts from across his corpus in an easy-to-use commentary format that is tied to the biblical text. We’ve gone back and curated excerpts from Spurgeon where he’s explicitly citing a verse and from places where he’s alluding to the text—something a simple search wouldn’t be able to do.

We’ve also enhanced the Logos editions with amazing functionality, tagging illustrations and application content with preaching themes so that they pop up when you’re using the Sermon Starter Guide. This functionality saves time if you’re preparing sermons or are trying to find content from Spurgeon on specific topics.

A glimpse at what’s coming

Our editors have wrapped up the majority of these nine volumes.

Here’s an illustration from Spurgeon Commentary: 2 Timothy to show you a glimpse of just one of Spurgeon’s nuggets of wisdom:

Good Soldiers Are Obedient (2 Tim 2:3)

Preaching Themes: Courage, Obedience

A truly good soldier of Jesus Christ knows nothing about difficulties except as things to be surmounted. If his Master bids him perform exploits too hard for him, he draws upon the resources of omnipotence, and achieves impossibilities. Wellington sent word to his troops one night, “Ciudad Rodrigo must be taken tonight.” And what do you think was the commentary of the British soldiers appointed for the attack? “Then,” they all said, “we will do it.”

So when our great Captain sends, as He does to us, the word of command, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15), if we were all good soldiers of the cross, we should say at once, “We will do it.”

Pre-order now!

Spurgeon was a truly gifted orator and author. The Spurgeon Commentary Collection is designed for functionality, usability, and readability to make Spurgeon’s writing easier than ever to understand and apply.

These nine volumes are shipping soon, and you can get over 40% off this collection on Pre-Pub—pre-order the Spurgeon Commentary Collection: New Testament Letters today!


  1. Benjamin Wade says

    I love Spurgeon and I love Logos, but the way this offering is packaged is disappointing–no Ephesians, no Galatians, and no Revelation. I recognize this kind of marketing, and I expected a much higher level of integrity from a company like Logos. I realize everybody has to make money, but please don’t be guilty of or led by the love of it. Come on Logos. You’re better than that. So be better than that.

    Humbly submitted

    • Jake Mailhot says


      Thanks for your comment. We have already released a Spurgeon Commentary on Galatians. It was the first volume in the series and is now available for download.

      As for the rest of the collection, we’re offering this specific grouping of biblical books because those were the books where we were able to draw the most content from Spurgeon. To fully develop a commentary based on Spurgeon’s work, we needed a minimum amount of content that was both deep and wide. The books contained in this collection represent those biblical books that Spurgeon wrote about and preached on the most often.


  2. Jeff Holcomb says

    Will these be included for those of us who have purchased the Spurgeon collection, or will they have to be added individually?

    • Jake Mailhot says


      Thanks for your question. This collection of commentaries will not be included in the Charles Spurgeon Collection. This is a stand-alone collection of commentaries that will have to be added to your library separately. They’re completely functional without any of the original sources in your library.