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Spurgeon and Vos: Free through June for Logos Now Members

When you become a Logos Now member, you get an increasing number of special benefits. In addition to exclusive first access to new features and media, one of those benefits is two unlocked resources a month. Each month, we’ll add two valuable resources to your library which you can study, no strings attached, all month long.

For June, Logos Now members have full access to Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics (vols. 1-3) and Spurgeon Commentary: Philippians. With these two resources, you’ll explore the minds of two of the most influential Christians of the last two centuries.

Reformed Dogmatics represents the early theological thought of one of the premier Reformed thinkers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Known as the father of Reformed biblical theology, Vos spent time as a professor at a number of influential Reformed institutions, including Calvin Seminary, the Free University in Amsterdam, and Princeton. With Dogmatics, he brings a unique approach to systematic theology with his skills and acumen as a biblical theologian. This is the first and only English translation of this work.

“There seems to have been a flurry in recent years of systematic theologians writing with an eye for biblical theology. With this series we now have a biblical theologian writing a systematic theology.”

—Michael Horton, Prof. of Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

With Spurgeon Commentary: Philippians,  you’ll benefit from the collected thoughts of Charles Spurgeon in a passage-by-passage format. Spurgeon’s writings on the Bible fill dozens of volumes and are scattered across numerous books and sermons. The Spurgeon Commentary series gathers his thoughts into a commentary format, with illustrations and applications culled from his sermons and writings.

These volumes will streamline preachers and teachers’ sermon preparation process by increasing the functionality, usability, and readability of Spurgeon’s enormous output. Outdated language has even been updated, making Spurgeon’s writing easier than ever to understand.

With a Logos Now membership, you can begin exploring these two premier works today. If you’ve been interested in these volumes, but not sure you wanted to purchase them, you can get them for June, plus two new resources each subsequent month, for only $8.99 a month. This is in addition to the exclusive access you’ll get to new Logos features and tools, such as the Media Browser, Concordance Tool, and the Commandments of the Law Interactive.

But the membership benefits don’t end there. In every release of Logos Now (roughly every 6 weeks) you’ll get access to more and more content, services, tools, and features, making your membership more valuable over time.

Get started with Logos Now today to get the latest and best Bible study tools, plus additional member benefits. When you begin a monthly subscription, you’ll even get your first month free!

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