Songwriters: Last Chance to Write and Record with Paul Baloche

Proclaim is partnering with  Integrity Music and to give someone the opportunity of a lifetime! Enter before June 15 and you could be writing a song with Paul Baloche, the man behind well-known worship songs like

  • “Open the Eyes of My Heart”
  • “Above All”
  • “The Same Love”
  • “Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)”
  • And so many more!

But that’s not all. Next you’ll record a demo of your song at the Integrity Music studio in Colorado Springs, CO.*

Time is running out—there’s less than 10 days left. If you haven’t entered this amazing giveaway, do so now! Then tweet, post, email, and share this with all your friends.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

*Travel and accommodations will be provided from within the continental United States.

Written by
Jayson D. Bradley

For the last 20+ years, Jayson's been a pastor, worship leader, and church planter. Now he writes about ministry and Christian engagement.

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  • Please someone write a song that speaks to “overcomers-in-Christ” and others who seek to stand in the gap in such issues as abortion and desecration-of-holy-marriage (which has swept New England). A bold holiness song about fighting for Truth and Love in equal measure through Christ. Call the song “equal measure” if you like. People, even Pastors, sometimes stand alone in the gaps that unbelievers and false teachers promulgate. The song might encourage them. Blessings. Claim the idea as yours…all yours.

  • The Bible states we should pray constantly. I am convinced that is why God created music. We can be working, praising and worshiping with Christian music throughout the day. It is a blessing. I often sing Christian songs as I’m working with non believers around me. Or have music playing as my wife & I work in the yard. The neighbors can hear (& be blessed), we can worship and praise, and our thoughts are captive to God and not wandering where they are enticed by the enemy.

    Be blessed today…hum your favorite worship song as you travel through the day!

Written by Jayson D. Bradley