Sitting with Scribes: An Inside Look at Copying Manuscripts (Watch)

Hunched over a table, writing by candlelight, scribes copied God’s Word letter by letter.

What can we know about this ancient craft, highly responsible for the spread of the Bible?

In this clip from Fragments of Truth, a feature-length documentary from Faithlife Films, three scholars take you inside the world of scribes—from what it’s like to write on papyrus to scribal errors and corrections.

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Faithlife Staff

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    • Actually, I believe he does. I met him once after a conference in Dallas where he spoke about the manuscript evidence supporting the NT. He told a joke to begin his talk that probably raised a few eyebrows but got a good bit of laughter as well. He described himself, if I remember correctly, as a former “surfer dude” from California. He seemed pretty laid back and quite approachable when I spoke to him for a few moments afterward in spite of the rigor of his specialized field, which I can assure you he takes very seriously. He has helped me a great deal by his explanation of how his specialty contributes to the defense of the Gospel and even Dr. Bart Ehrman admitted to one of his classes that when he debated Dr. Wallace the first time, which was Dr. Wallace’s first time debating anyone, that Wallace pretty much wiped him out.