Show Us Your Best Logos 4 Videos

In Ryan’s helpful post yesterday, he forgot to mention the one other helpful source of information about Logos 4—the growing number of user-created videos showing Logos 4 in action. Even if you’ve already watched our demo video and all our training videos, you’ll definitely want to check out what some of our users have put together.

Mark Barnes, LaRosa Johnson, and John Fidel have all done some very helpful tutorials and reviews of Logos 4. Whether Logos 4 is on your wishlist, you’re new to Logos 4, or you consider yourself a power user, there’s a wealth of helpful information for everyone in these videos.

If I missed your video, I apologize. Please post a link in the comments, and I’ll make sure to add it.

If Mark, LaRosa, and John have inspired you to make a video of your own, please let us know so we can share it with other users. If you’re looking for a free screen capture tool, I’d recommend Jing.

Who knows? We might just have to give out a prize for the best video!

Written by
Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of four, Vice President and General Manager of Bible Study Products at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

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Written by Phil Gons