Search for Faith-Filled Images with Logos 5

Good news! Preparing an amazing sermon presentation or blog post with Logos 5 just got a little easier—and a lot more beautiful.

Lightstock: inspiring images for your sermons, websites, and more

Lightstock is the go-to source for attractive stock photography that evokes emotion with carefully curated, Christ-focused images. And now Lightstock integrates with Logos 5! Find attractive, faith-filled images in Topic Guide and Sermon Starter searches, pick the perfect ones for the passage or topic you’re studying, and then just click them—you’ll be taken straight to Lightstock.

Whether it’s your bulletin, sermon slides, website assets, worship backgrounds, or video bumpers, you’ll find Lightstock’s pictures ideal for all your ministry needs.

Great quality, great pricing

When you compare Lightstock’s costs to those of other stock-image sites, you’ll find that they’re not only low—they’re simple. $1 equals one credit. Images come in four sizes: x-small (approx. 500 px) for 5 credits, small (approx. 1,200 px) for 10 credits, medium (approx. 2,800 px) for 15 credits, and max (approx. 3,600 px) for 20 credits. Lightstock’s photos are both gorgeous and reasonably priced.

What’s really cool is that, unlike with a lot of other stock-photography sites, you won’t be able to find 99% of Lightstock’s photos anywhere else—no more tired, overused images in your media and services.

Check out today, and start adding faith-filled images to your presentations, websites, and more—straight from Logos.

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Written by
Jayson D. Bradley

For the last 20+ years, Jayson's been a pastor, worship leader, and church planter. Now he writes about ministry and Christian engagement.

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  • Overpaid for the original version. Should be able to updath Logos for a lot less money.

  • So I have Logos 5. Why do I not see anything about an updater to add in the images as a free upgrade???

  • Well, for those of us who are of the Evangelical Catholic (Lutheran) persuasion where there is no projector or screen needed for the Liturgy of Word and Sacrament (ie. The Mass), paying for decorative images seems inappropriate. I can see the possibility of using a particular image to make my point in a sermon, but that's it. If I am missing some liturgical expression, please let me know. I'm not being snarky, but there are different markets in the Logos Community: the non-denominational big-box churches that are not Lectionary driven or focused and then there are us "Non-Roman Catholics". I guess that is why the packages that I purchased are about 60% unusable to me. The Protestant packages are overly oriented toward the Evangelical and the Verbum packages are totally and appropriately Roman Catholic. So, as a Non-Roman Catholic I am left with the vast majority of my library that is not usable to me. Anyone want to buy some books? Just kidding, but maybe there are not enough of us to be seen as a "market" so we pick and choose.

    One question for the Logos/Verbum geeks: Can I eliminate books from my Library to save space and save having to scroll through so many books that are of no interest. I don't want a refund, just a way to get rid of them.

  • That pricing plan is not really all that simple……how does someone like me who struggles with tech stuff know which size is right….it's not nearly as intuitive as all that. Ain't got a clue what a pixel is! Just let me download photos for a reasonable price and then use my computer to adjust the size as I need to…..that would be simple and straightforward. This just seems like a flim flam to me.

  • Overprice? As a professional photographer I take issue at your characterization that $5 to $20 for a photo is expensive and has no value. I would starve to death if my clients would think like that.

  • Overprice? As a professional photographer I take issue at your characterization that $5 to $20 for a photo is expensive and has no value. I would starve to death if my clients would think like that.

  • David, check this particular market and you'll hopefully understand what I mean. You can get images just as good – even better – for a flat fee of $99 – $250 year and download as many as you wish. In this time and this economy, you've gotta make your money in bulk, not on single pictures.

  • David, if you'd like to transfer any Logos books, I'd be glad to take them off of your hands. Really! I think there is a $20 fee to transfer resources. Let me know!

Written by Jayson D. Bradley