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There are 35 volumes to choose from, each one addressing a different theme or topic from the perspective of biblical theology. When you pick 12 or more volumes, you’ll receive a coupon worth up to $50 on! Here’s how it breaks down:

If you’re looking for volume recommendations, we’ve written a few blog posts to that end. And if you’re interested in the best-sellers, the resources your peers and colleagues couldn’t pass up at this price, here they are.

#1 Bestselling: The entire NSBT series (35 vols.)

Why pick and choose when you can get them all, and get $50 to spend later? Each volume of the NSBT is as informative as it is edifying, analyzing and discussing the given theme in depth. You’ll interact with the best of recent research without getting bogged down by specialist jargon or untransliterated Greek or Hebrew. Enhance your biblical theology with the entire array of topics in the NSBT series. Get the complete collection now to receive a $50 coupon to spend later.

#2: The Temple & Church’s Mission

Join professor and prolific author G.K. Beale as he traces the theme of temple across the Bible’s storyline, revealing that rather than being an ancient place disconnected from modern-day Christians, God’s temple points to God’s master plan for the cosmos: when one day the entire universe would be the physical dwelling place of the living God. Get The Temple and the Church’s Mission now.

#3: Paul and the Law

In this pivotal work, Brian Rosner addresses the centuries-long question of how Paul’s teachings connect to Jewish law. Demonstrating the inextricable link between the Law and Paul’s teaching on salvation history, Israel, the church, anthropology, ethics, and eschatology, Rosner provides a clear understanding of Paul’s theology of the Law and answers the perennial question: what is the relationship between the grace of God in the gift of salvation and the demand of God in the call for holy living? Get Paul and the Law now.

#4: Return to Me

In Return to Me, Old Testament scholar Mark J. Boda offers a comprehensive theological overview of the Bible’s treatment of the theme of repentance. According to Boda, repentance is fundamentally a return to intimate fellowship with the Triune God, our creator and redeemer; a relationship which arises from the heart and impacts attitudes, words, and actions. Get Return to Me now.

#5: Salvation to the Ends of the Earth

Authors Andreas Köstenberger and Peter O’Brien rigorously examine the theme of mission, exploring the entire sweep of Biblical history, including the Old Testament, the Second Temple period, each New Testament Gospel, Paul and his writings, the General Epistles, and Revelation. With this book, you’ll find answers to some of the most pressing questions concerning the Bible and mission. Get Salvation to the Ends of the Earth now.


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