. Save Now before Hermenaia: Philippians Ships

Save Now before Hermenaia: Philippians Ships

Time to expand your Logos library? The much-anticipated latest installment in the Hermeneia commentary series is available very soon, and at a special pre-order price. But the savings won’t last long.

Get Hermeneia: Philippians for 32% off on Pre-Pub today.

Hermeneia: Philippians takes the serious Bible student deep into the text of Paul’s message for the Philippian believers—the last of the apostle’s known letters, written from the chains of a Roman prison.

Who was the biblical Paul, really? And how might the Greco-Roman culture have flavored his language or thinking? Paul Holloway draws on Jewish, Greek, and Roman comparative material to present a fuller picture of the apostle and his audience.

In Hermeneia: Philippians, you’ll enter this ancient world on a treasure hunt for answers to historical and theological puzzles.

You’ll also save at the same time, since the $29.99 Pre-Pub price is the lowest you’ll see for a long while.
Hermeneia: Philippians ships soon, and once it does, the price goes up!

Act now to get the most out of your study this year as you dive into the joy-filled encouragement of this beloved prison epistle.

Pre-order Hermeneia: Philippians today.


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