Save 70% on 1,500+ Hours of Bible-Centered Videos


Right now, you can get an incredible deal on a Mobile Ed & Faithlife TV Plus subscription bundle. For the price of just a few Mobile Ed courses, you’ll unlock streaming of the entire Mobile Ed video catalog (over 7,000 lecture segments from all 130+ Mobile Ed courses) AND Faithlife TV Plus (over 1,000 videos) for your entire church.

Every Mobile Ed course. Every Faithlife TV video. For every single member of your church. That means each member of your church will be able to stream over 1,500 hours of Bible-focused, edifying, educating, entertaining video content.

Here’s what you’ll get.

Instruction from the world’s foremost biblical scholars

When it comes to biblical education and training, you and your church deserve the best. With courses from Mobile Ed, you’ll learn directly from the best of the best. The scholars who trained the most renowned pastors, who wrote the books that have defined modern theology—these very same scholars want to train and teach you and your entire church.

Now’s your chance to have guest lectures and Sunday school lessons taught by Douglas Moo, Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, Tremper Longman III, Mark Futato, Ben Witherington III, Craig Blomberg, Bryan Chapell, K. Scott Oliphint, John Walton, Mike Licona, Gary Thomas, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and dozens more!

Truly unlimited streaming

There’s absolutely no limit to the number of times a video can be watched, or how many people can stream it at the same time, or how many hours or videos each member can stream. Once you unlock access for your church, the videos are available for viewing again and again.

Whether the videos are used for small group curriculum, to train your leaders, to supplement Sunday’s sermon, or to simply entertain and edify the families at home, there’s no limit to how your church can watch!

Total freedom to watch anytime, anywhere

Your church members have full flexibility when it comes to choosing how to engage with the videos. Hosting small group in a living room? Stream your videos right on your TV via Roku or Apple TV. At a coffee shop? Enjoy hours of content from any laptop at On the go? You can even watch the videos on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Wherever, whenever, each member of your church has thousands of edifying, inspiring, instructing videos right at their fingertips.

Over 1,000 Bible-centered, family-friendly videos

Whether your church’s members need a video for a small group movie night or something for the kids on Saturday morning, you can be confident they’ll have choices that uplift, inspire, and keep them focused on Christ. Your church can choose from a growing library of documentaries, biographies, and kids videos from Faithlife TV—all hand-picked to draw them closer to God and help them grow.

1,500+ hours . . . and more!

Because both libraries are still growing,as we create new Mobile Ed videos and add more Christ-centered content to Faithlife TV, your church will be able to stream the new videos automatically, at no extra charge.

Subscribe today to save 70%!

Now is the time to lock in an incredible deal on thousands of hours of educational and edifying entertainment. This limited-time bundle costs less than the price of purchasing either service on its own. When you get Mobile Ed Video and Faithlife TV Plus together in this bundle, you’ll save 70% off the price of purchasing them separately.  

Get the Mobile Ed and Faithlife TV Plus bundle for your church now or call 1-888-875-9491.