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Save Up to 46% This October

October’s monthly sale is here, bringing you 50 new ways to save this month.

Check out these resources we think you’ll like:

Mobile Ed Reformation Bundle (3 courses) — now $359.99, 35% off
As we approach Reformation Day (Oct. 31), refresh your knowledge about the Reformation’s origin and intent as well as its impact on society then and now. These three courses, taught by Drs. Frank A. James and Jennifer Powell McNutt, review the history of the Church from the first century through today, unpacking the major themes and significant moments that contributed to the Reformation’s lasting effects.

Kay Arthur Precepts for Life (PFL) Archive 1988–2009 — now $139.99, 22% off
Explore decades of teaching from Kay Arthur, founder of Precepts for Life Ministries. Arthur’s ministry championed the inductive Bible study method for a new generation. In this collection, you’ll find transcripts of thousands of audio broadcasts drawing insights from God’s Word and relating them to everyday life. Because this resource is fully searchable, you’ll be able to consult Arthur’s work every time you begin research for a sermon, Bible study lesson, or your regular time in Scripture.

Ariel Ministries Messianic Collection (11 vols.) — now $199.99, 37% off
Uncover more biblical insights by learning about the Jewish identity of the Scriptures with this 11-volume set from Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a foremost Bible scholar. Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s writing exposes groundbreaking perspectives on the Bible, Jewish practices, and the nation of Israel. The collection includes the Messianic Bible Study Collection, which features 190 classic studies about the promises and fulfillment of the Messiah.

The Pulpit Commentary (77 vols.) — now $79.99, 20% off
Veteran preachers already know the value of this bestselling commentary set, but it’s also perfect for lay leaders. Far more than just a simple commentary, it provides an unrivaled range of homiletic help that goes a long way toward presenting the biblical text in a Sunday school lesson, sermon, or Bible study. The Pulpit Commentary covers every book of the Bible, including exposition, homiletics, and sample homilies for every verse.

New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic, Second Edition — now $39.99, 16% off
From African Christian Theology to Zionism, this volume of historical and systematic theology offers a wealth of information and insight for students, pastors, and all thoughtful Christians. With more than 800 articles from 300 renowned contributors, you’ll find careful entries on theological concepts, writers, and themes in North America and around the world.  Dive in to get the background you need for your biblical research.


Pick up these resources and 45 more for up to 46% off, but only during the month of October.

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Written by Jennifer Grisham