Sale Ending: Get 3 Anchor Yale Bible Volumes for under $5

The Anchor Yale Bible is one of the most sought-after critical commentaries available today. Scholars and pastors alike rely on it for its lucid analysis of every passage in both testaments and the apocrypha. With its diversity of perspectives—Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish points of view are all presented—the AYB has established itself as an authoritative voice in biblical studies.

Ordinarily, individual volumes from this series can cost $5o or more. (And if you pick up the print edition, you’ll spend even more than that.) But for just a few more days, you can get three volumes from this esteemed series for under $5. And you can even get one volume completely free.

How to maximize your savings

Pick up these three volumes, and you’ll be on your way to completing your collection of a standard of biblical scholarship. In fact, through October 31, you can pick up the complete set for 50% off. To maximize your savings, start by checking out with the three volumes featured in this month’s Free Book of the Month sale. Then check out with the complete Anchor Yale Bible, and you’ll save even more than 50%. We’ll give you a custom discount based on the resources you already own—which you picked up for under $5. It’s a great way to build your commentary collection while making your budget stretch.


You only have a few days left to make it happen. Don’t wait: pick up three AYB volumes for under $5, then complete your collection for 50% off plus your custom discount.

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