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Recommended Commentaries: John

Logos Talk’s Recommended Commentary Series highlights some favorite commentaries by Logos academics and the user community.

We Want to Hear from You!

Each week we will post a forum thread asking which commentaries, available from Logos, are your favorites for a specific book in the Bible. This is a great opportunity to let other Logos users know which commentaries you have found valuable in your studies.

John Commentaries

We asked Logos Educational Designer Johnny Cisneros to give us his favorite commentaries on John. Here are a few of his choices in no particular order:

Logos Community Favorites

Here are a few commentaries suggested by Logos users:

This is only a small list of the suggested commentaries for John! For a larger selection of suggested commentaries, visit the forum post.

Do you have a favorite Logos resource on John which isn’t listed here? Leave us a comment. Then jump over to the forum and share your favorite commentaries on Joshua!

Don’t Miss These Recommended Commentaries!

Old Testament

New Testament

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  • I’m a long-term Logos user and will not use my registration email address for something like this. I highly recommend The Literary Development of John 12-17, A Chiastic Reading, by Wayne Brouwer. Until one understands the literary style, he falls short on interpretation.

  • (Phillip D. M.: how do you not enter an email and still get posted?)
    I always find John MacArthur’s briefer commentaries informational and educational for understanding of languages, cultures and histories… Because he believes application is obvious in the text/interpretation, it saves much reading (and distraction) when trying to stay close to the text. Mind you, I enjoy appication as well, but Pastor MacArthur is a quick and thorough read for days I can’t lounge and delve into my devotions.
    God Bless

    • sorry phillip, I wasn’t paying attention… you said “registration”… I used my old spam-filled email that I no longer read… I’m with you!!!!
      … Don’t like to use my real name, either… not for you posters, but for the (God bless them) hacker fiends. I’d remove and repost, but I don’t see that option here… or am I missing something?

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