Public Beta of the Logos Android App Now Available

The public beta of the Logos Android app is here, and we’re looking for users to put it through the paces!

With the Logos app on your Android, your on-the-go library, featuring many titles from your Logos 4 collection, is just a click away. Enjoy features like previewing Bible verses as they appear in the text, navigating books with verse selector or through the table of contents, and pulling up footnotes with one simple tap. And since this is just the Beta version, there are many more features to come!

How To Get the Beta Android App Now

Before downloading the beta version of the app, it’s worth noting that “beta” is another way of saying “still under development.” The beta version is for users who like to test software, report bugs, and see the exciting things coming down the pike.

To download the beta Logos Android app, visit this download page on your Android device. Once that webpage opens, simply tap the link that says “Tap Here to Install Logos On Your Device” to begin downloading the Logos app.

Logos for Android can be used on any Android 2.1 or newer device. The app requires about 20MB of free space on the device and an SD card (some devices, like Nexus S, have the equivalent of an SD card built in).

Stay in the Loop

Be sure to visit the Android forum page to report any problems and discuss the app with other Android users. You can also sign up for the Android Email List from your Logos account by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Logos account notifications.
  2. An Email list will appear. Towards the bottom, you’ll see the Android Interest Group. Check that box.
  3. Click Update to save those preferences.


Spread the Word!

Logos already has a huge following of iPhone and iPad users. Now’s the time to show the world just how amazing Bible study can be when you throw Android into the mix. If you’re excited about the future of Logos for Android, Tweet about it (#Logos4Android) or Like this blog post. It may even be worth blogging your thoughts as the world of Bible study continues to open up on Android!

Have fun exploring this new app, and let us know your favorite feature!



  1. Logos for Android: Proof there is a God and that He is Good, Very Good indeed!

  2. Thanks for this post. I along with many from their forums have been waiting for this. Time to order Logos Scholar from my school. :) I already bought BDAG 3rd ed. through them in anticipation.

  3. Wonderful! Just got my Android and am so excited about Logos now in my pocket!

  4. Great!
    Now can we get one for the HP ThinkPad – HP WebOS?

  5. claudio popa says

    Thanx for android. workin just great. Bless you.

  6. Jess Lester says

    Hope this works.

  7. Dennis Caldwell says

    I love logos 4 use it so much it is part of my life. But this app is nearly useless on my droid 2. I’m going to install til it gets better and use my ipod touch app which works beautifully! Thanks anyway

  8. I’m VERY PLEASED to finally have the Logos Android App, Thanx Guys, this is AWESOME!!! I’m getting the ipod touch and iPad and am REALLY LOOKING forward to the advent of being able to use those as well!!! Keep the GOOD WORK COMING!!!

  9. Elton Tiger says

    Having trouble opening up King James Version after the download to my aser. Everything else is working awesome though, but I really need the King James Version.

  10. Wallace Thomas says

    Like the app very much. I have had no problems with it thus far.
    Good job guys!

  11. The app does not show on the installed apps list. How do I uninstall it? There is nothing wrong, I just urgently need space. Thanks in advance.

  12. can I download the android software into my samsung phones sd card rather than from the built in memory because it takes up so much and should be an option or be a bit of a transferred over from my phone is still have the software works thank you I’m using the speak now from google and that’s why some of the latin word for funny here I’m in town

  13. Reginaldo James says

    My samsung is a Wave S-5250 (with Bada suystem). I’d like to know if I can download and use this upgrade for cell phones.
    Thanks for your attention and work

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