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Preaching Revelation: Learn from an Expert

Dr. Warren Gage, professor of Old Testament and senior advisor to the president at Knox Theological Seminary, will be teaching a one-week intensive class in Bellingham, WA, October 14–18. Dr. Gage would like to formally invite you to attend:

Join us in Bellingham, Washington, next month and learn to preach Revelation as it was intended: namely, as a great encouragement to the people of God to persevere through suffering in hope of the heavenly city. To that end, it gives us the two most magnificent visions of Jesus in all the Bible. We see him in his heavenly splendor, coming to John of Patmos with a glory that causes John to fall at his feet like a dead man. We see the Son of man coming on a white horse of victory as the fulfillment of all prophecy at the head of his heavenly hosts of armies. These visions of Jesus transformed John, and he wrote them with the intent that they should transform us!

Learn to preach this book as a message of great comfort to God’s people, in a manner that causes them to want to overcome in order to receive the great promises Christ gives to his churches—and through them, to us as well!

Revelation promises a blessing to all who read it. We will read this great book, seeking to know and understand the blessing we are promised!

If you’re not already a student in Knox’s Doctor of Ministry program, apply now and register for Dr. Gage’s class!

Learn more about earning your DMin from Knox Theological Seminary with Logos Bible Software, and start furthering your education today.

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  • Yes, I am; I'd like to post really but I can't because I live in Haiti and don't have any opportunity to pay. I'm a graduate of (STEP) Seminary of Theology Evangelical of Port-au-Prince and I'd like to complete it. If you know any opportunity, I should be happy to be yours. Thank a lots and God bless you.

  • As a Pastor myself, I Like many others can't attend for the week, but I would love to get the material or presentation of Dr. Gage's notes. I would love to hear more of this approach.

  • I would love to attend Dr. Gage's seminar but time and money get in the way. I hope that Logos will make his material available following his class, please keep me posted. Ronlbower@cp,cast.net

  • What about the throne room scene in Rev 4-5 where Jesus receives the scroll? In fact, I see Jesus magnificently revealed in TEN scenes. 1. Standing in lampstands 1-3, 2. Receiving the scroll 4-5. 3. Rapturing His church 6-7 (compare Matt 24 for the timing), 4. Judging His enemies 8-18, 5. At His wedding 19, 6. Riding to Armegeddon 19, 7. Ruling in His Millennial kingdom 20, 8. Judging on the White Throne 20, 9. In New Jerusalem 21, 10. With His bride for eternity 22. In the last days, the greatest dynamic we have to look forward to is the unveiling of our glorious Lord Jesus. It's already happening!!!

  • Dear Aj.Rick well come to Thailand on 1 -12 October and you will have revival meeting in Bangkok 3-6 Oct.Now we are preparing for 13 churches have worship camping together at Korat 15-17 Oct.I am sorry that make me cannot to see you in Bangkok.

  • I would love to attend this one week intensive.I attend another seminary, will I get credit for attending the intensive?

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