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Get the newest Logos resources at great prices: take advantage of these nine Pre-Pubs! Many of them are getting close to production, so you’ll want to pre-order today before the prices go up.

Zondervan Biblical Studies and Theology Collection

zondervan-biblical-studies-and-theology-collectionRegularly $241.89—get it for $180.95 on Pre-Pub

This resource provides an excellent selection of contemporary Old and New Testament resources. These texts introduce theological perspectives, interpretive processes, and various ecclesiastical traditions and practices to prepare you for more advanced theological studies. The collection also includes intense, focused studies for experienced scholars.

Augsburg Fortress Old Testament Studies Collection

Regularly $189.95—get it for $139.95 on Pre-Pub

This collection presents eight volumes on Old Testament theology and various Old Testament books. It provides new insights from both Christian and Jewish communities on each major section of the Old Testament, and illustrates how the Old Testament addresses modern concerns.

Thomas Aquinas in Translation

thomas-aquinas-in-translationRegularly $174.95—get it for $129.95 on Pre-Pub

This series presents—for the first time in English—some of Aquinas’ most significant, yet surprisingly understudied, works. Several volumes come accompanied by the best Latin critical editions for unparalleled access to the thought of the Angelic Doctor of the Church.

Fortress Press Studies in Luke/Acts

Regularly $94.95—get it for $69.95 on Pre-Pub

This title offers in-depth scholarly analysis of the Gospel of Luke and Acts. Get a literary analysis of three structured themes in the Gospel, a compilation of 11 essays by Martin Dibelius (an early pioneer in New Testament form criticism), a collection illustrating how Luke-Acts may have been influenced by heroic or historical epics, and more.

Paul and the Miraculous: A Historical Reconstruction

paulRegularly $32.99—get it for $29.95 on Pre-Pub

In this historically informed study, senior New Testament scholar Graham Twelftree challenges the view that Paul was primarily a thinker and reimagines him as an apostle of Jesus for whom the miraculous was of profound importance. Twelftree offers a fresh consideration of what the life of Paul teaches us about miracles and sheds light on how early Christians lived out their faith.

Baker Academic Theological Studies Update

Regularly $53.58—get it for $39.95 on Pre-Pub

This essential resource covers such wide-ranging topics as premillennial eschatology, Christology, pneumatology, ecclesiology, theological anthropology, modern theology, atonement theology, evangelical theology, Trinitarianism, and more.

Baylor New Testament Backgrounds Collection

newtestamentRegularly $129.95—get it for $79.95 on Pre-Pub

This collection offers the most recent and extensive scholarship on important issues regarding the background of the New Testament and the first-century Greco-Roman world. Learn about recent archaeological discoveries, examine extensive primary-source information on first-century Jew-Gentile relationships, delve into the identity and nature of the Pharisees, and more.

Guides to Biblical Scholarship Series

Regularly $139.95—get it for $89.95 on Pre-Pub

This helpful series explains the most significant methods of biblical criticism in both Old and New Testament studies. This collection’s clear and concise guides enable students of the Bible to engage the scholarly field and arrive at a deeper understanding of Scripture.

Introduction to Latin Collection

Regularly $54.95—get it for $39.95

Get everything you need to learn and teach Latin. This product is the perfect companion to a first-year college grammar course and includes a workbook with challenging exercises, extensive vocabulary lists, and comprehensive English–Latin and Latin–English glossaries.  

Take advantage of low prices on powerful resources: pre-order these titles before the price increases, and then check out more Pre-Pubs!

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