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Blog Image_620x325Some of Crossway’s greatest works are now available for pre-order on!

Committed to historical, Christian truths, these collections contain some of the most beloved writings in theology, biblical studies, ministry, and Christian living. Leading lights such as Bruce Ware, Thomas Schreiner, Gerald Bray, Wayne Grudem, and Elyse Fitzpatrick provide engaging insights from a biblical perspective. Check out some of the new Pre-Pubs from Crossway.

Crossway Christian History Collection (7 vols.)church_history

In this collection, Gerald Bray, Carl Trueman, and other popular writers give scholars and pastors a clear perspective on ancient truths.  Providing fresh analysis of the role of faith and theology throughout Christian history, this collection will refresh and inspire sermons and personal devotion.

Crossway Studies on Justification and Salvation (10 vols.)

This collection of theological works on justification and salvation clarifies nuanced theological positions about the nature of salvation, defends penal substitutionary theories of the atonement, and shows why Christians can have full confidence in the perseverance of the saints.

Notable authors such as R.C. Sproul, John Piper, Sam Storms, and Jerry Bridges provide a wealth of pastoral experience and theological acumen to the critical discussion of “justification by grace through faith.” These varied and relevant volumes lead readers on an educational journey regarding justification and salvation, explaining these central, but often misunderstood doctrines.

On the Christian Life Series (8 vols.)christianlife

Crossway’s latest books in their Theologians on the Christian Life series tackles some of Christianity’s towering personalities from the early to the modern church. From Augustine to Luther to Packer, these figures come to life as never before through refined research and careful synthesis.

More than mere biographies, these volumes take you into the minds and hearts of their subjects in order to help you see through their eyes how they envisioned the heart of the Christian life.

Crossway Studies on Inerrancy (5 vols.)

How we approach biblical inerrancy says a lot about how we approach our lives and those around us. In this collection, a number of respected scholars—including Vern Poythress, Greg Beale, and Mike Krugel—offer a variety of cogent and persuasive arguments in favor of the traditional evangelical view of inerrancy. These books will help you recognize the importance of inerrancy in the life of the church today and equip you with the knowledge necessary to engage the culture.

Crossway Biblical Theology Collection (7 vols.)biblical_theology

In this collection, Crossway provides resources that explore the entirety of Scripture or a key section of Scripture, pinpointing important themes based on sound exegesis, sensitivity to literary conventions, and the core theological beliefs of classical Protestantism. The books in this collection, written by pastors and scholars such as James Hamilton, Gerald Bray, Scott Hafeman, and Mark Dever, provide incisive expositions of Scripture that will challenge, inform, and edify Christians whether they are academics, pastors, or simply trying to understand the message of Scripture more completely.

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