People behind the Product: Meet Rick Brannan

Rick Brannan is no stranger to longtime users and readers of the Logos blog. He’s been with Logos since 1993 and is approaching his 16th anniversary of employment with the company. Rick is an information architect in our design and editorial department and blogs at Ricoblog and

Though he’s a regular contributor to the Logos blog and has done dozens of videos, most of his posts and videos are about Greek and not about Rick. In this People behind the Product video, you’ll get to find out a little bit about one of Logos’ earliest employees.

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Phil Gons
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  • Hi Phil,
    Good series of post getting to know you guys who work behind the scene. I did enjoy the interview by Rick it was more in-depth than most and his recommendation “Jewish believers in Jesus” sound interesting (one more book addition to my wish lists)
    Do keep it coming, will everyone one at Logos be making a guest appearance on this series? I need not mention two individual who should appear soon Jared and i have forgotten the other guys name :-)
    What would interesting is if we could see some of the processes you guys go through in producing digital books.
    Thanks for the great work you guys do. Regards

  • I too enjoy the videos. I love the way that Logos appreciates it’s employees. What I would really like to see is a video that shows family picnic day, or the like. Just to see the evidence of how the monetary contribution I (however small it is), and others make is effecting the lives of so many people.

  • I have worked with Rick for many years, and I can tell you that he is the real deal! A wonderful man of God and smart as a whip! I just love this guy! Oh, and did I tell you that he’s also a very cool dude? :-)