4 Reasons Now’s the Time to Pick Up ISBE


During the June monthly sale, you can get great prices on more than 100 products. Of course, it can be hard to choose from so many useful resources. If you had to pick just one product from the sale, we’d recommend getting the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1979–1995).

Why choose this resource? Here are four reasons it belongs in your library.

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Should We “Dumb Down” the Bible When People Don’t Get It?

wheat field

I was trying to turn Psalm 1 into a singable song for the Bible club boys (6th grade on up) from the neighborhoods around my church. These were not young men with extensive church backgrounds and full-ride scholarships to elite Sunday schools. Their mastery of rap lyrics was, let’s say, somewhat superior to their knowledge of Scripture. But they had a capacity—and sometimes, I could swear, a desire—to learn.

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A Simple Trick for Finding Quotes in Your Logos Library


A Logos user recently emailed this question to me:

Do you have any blog posts on how to find quotes of Church Fathers? For example, if I know of a quote in a certain writing of Augustine, is there a way to find that particular writing?

I’m not sure if there’s a blog post about that or not, but there is now!

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Get 40% off Books by Wayne Grudem, N.T. Wright, John Stott, and More

logos spring sale

During the Spring Sale, you can mix-and-match resources by your favorite authors to create a personalized bundle. The more resources you choose, the higher your discount becomes—up to 40% off!

  • Pick 1-2 resources and get 25% off
  • Pick 3 resources and get 30% off
  • Pick 4 resources and get 35% off
  • Pick 5+ resources and get 40% off

Check out all 25 resources featured in our Spring Sale.

Here are eight popular authors featured in the Spring Sale.

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Esther Helps Us See God Behind the Scenes


Last week, we featured two new titles in the Transformative Word series, Between the Cross and the Throne: The Book of Revelation and God Behind the Scenes: The Book of EstherIn this post, Wayne Barkhuizen, author of the Esther volume, explains the inspiration behind his work and how he hopes it can transform your life.

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5 Resources to Help You Grow in Your Pastoral Ministry

grow pastoral ministry

A seminary professor once relayed the story of an idealistic church member who complained that pastors should get “real world experience” before beginning pastoral ministry. The professor listened at first, but soon grew impatient with the complaints about pastors not understanding the “real world.”

“Let me ask you something about the ‘real world,’” the professor interrupted. “Have you ever counseled a couple as their marriage fell apart? Or sat silently with a grieving mother whose son just took his own life? Have you ever prayed with someone in the grip of addiction, conducted a funeral service, or felt the tremendous weight that comes with conveying God’s Word to his people? Pastors see more ‘reality’ in a single week than you or I could bear in three lifetimes!”

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Greek and Hebrew Study in Logos

greek study in logos
We should be immensely grateful for our many, wonderful English Bible translations. But there’s a reason pastors, professors, and Bible study buffs spend years learning Greek and Hebrew. When you understand the original languages, new possibilities open up for your Bible study. Often, the insight that unlocks a fascinating nuance in a biblical passage is tucked away in a particular verbal form, grammatical construction, or other feature of the original language; and some of the best, most trusted commentaries are based on the Greek or Hebrew, not English translations.

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3 Tips for Delivering Solid Sermon Illustrations

sermon illustration tips
A few years ago, a good friend of mine spent months studying the way Jesus used the physical world around him to illuminate Scripture. Salt, light, roads, flowers, birds, and bread are all examples of concrete, vivid illustrations Jesus pulled from everyday life. He told stories with tax collectors, Samaritans, Roman centurions, and farmers because those were the people around him.

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5 Ways to Fuel Your Growth with This Recommended Bundle

garden1It’s nice to have options. When products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and flavors, we are free to mix and match, and find that perfect fit. Right now we’ve got 25 resources on sale, and you have the power to build a personalized bundle—and save up to 40%!

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Why Christians Miss The Point of One of Their Favorite Bible Verses

isaiah 40 31

You’ve seen it plastered on tee shirts, coffee mugs, bookmarks and Bible covers; it’s cross-stitched on throw pillows and wall art. Its words have comforted thousands of Christians in their darkest moments.

But do you really understand the significance of Isaiah 40:31?

They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles;
They shall run and not grow weary;
They shall walk and not faint.

Plenty of Christian merchandise is guilty of bad exegesis. It’s not that Isaiah 40:31, when taken out of context, is any more open to misinterpretation than other verses.

But with this verse, perhaps the stakes are higher. John 3:16, another beloved verse, manages to maintain its punch, even when read on its own. But when Isaiah 40:31 is taken out of context, it is robbed of of its true power.

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