D.A. Carson Recommends: 4 Books on Biblical Theology (On Sale Now!)

NSBT-blogFor a limited time individual volumes from one of the most respected series on biblical theology are $9.99 each. And when you get 12 or more volumes, you’ll receive a coupon code good for up to $50 off your next purchase!

Here’s how you can maximize your savings:

  • Choose 12–23 volumes and receive a $15 coupon code
  • Choose 24-34 volumes and receive a $30 coupon code
  • Get the complete 35-volume set and receive a $50 coupon code

Shop the NSBT sale now and get all 35 volumes to secure your $50 coupon code.

No matter how many volumes you choose, each one is just $9.99—the more volumes you pick, the bigger your coupon!

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How to Use a Commentary to Study the Psalms


Dig and dig and dig, and you’ll never reach the full depths of the Bible. Your lifetime will be a journey to the center of its worth. That doesn’t mean the Bible-gold you’ve discovered so far is iron pyrite; it simply means you should never stop digging.

And here’s the great thing: the wealth of other diggers is available to you. Many of them wrote down what they discovered. They were fallible diggers, yes, some more so than others . . . But for a tiny investment you can have what it took them a lifetime to amass.

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How to Apply a Psalm to Your Situation


If you can’t use the Bible, you don’t really understand it.

It may sound backwards to speak of “using” the Bible: we don’t stand over the Bible, twisting it to our ends; the Bible stands over us and is one major means by which God uses us.

That’s all true, but think of it this way: when I’m tempted, or struggling, or arrogant, or lying, or spiritually lethargic, what am I supposed to do as a Christian? I’m supposed to avail myself of the grace of God, and one major means by which God gives me that grace is my Bible. If my mind is blank of Bible in times of trouble, I’m not using God’s word the way I’m supposed to. To apply a text of Scripture well is to use it with love and faith according to its intended purposes.

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5 Don’t-Miss Volumes from Fortress Press

FP_620x324_blankThrough July 25, save 50% on a wide variety of titles from Fortress Press. With more than 50 volumes to choose from, we asked our product experts to recommend their 10 favorites. We shared five of them with you last week; here are the other five volumes you don’t want to miss.

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Get 30% off the Massive Charles Spurgeon Collection

July Month Sale: Featured Product

Charles Spurgeon’s decades-long preaching ministry and highly prolific writing career delivered beloved works that still influence and inspire Christians around the world. If you want to enrich your studies with his wisdom, this month is the perfect chance. You can save 30% on the 149-volume Charles Spurgeon Collection, a comprehensive bundle of his sermons, commentaries, lectures, and more.

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How to Find Every Mention of an Event in Scripture


I was recently reading in Genesis 12, when the Lord calls Abram to leave his homeland and travel to a God-appointed location. Of course this event is recorded in Genesis 12, but I was curious as to where else this event is mentioned in Scripture. With Logos, a search like this is a breeze! Here’s how to find this answer:

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How to Save BIG on Books from Fortress Press

Blog_620x324 (1)For a limited time, you can get 50% off more than 50 resources from acclaimed theological publishing house, Fortress Press. We’ve pulled together books on everything from biblical theology and the New Perspective on Paul to church history and practical theology—and made them all half off!

There are 50+ books to choose from, but why not start with the most popular? Here are the five top-rated resources featured in this sale, as ranked by Logos users.

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How to Do a Bible Word Study on “Love”

word study agape love

When Jesus is asked to sum up the law, he responds with two commands involving love:


In both commands, the English translation “love” translates the Greek verb agapao. Partly because agape is one of those Greek words that many theologically literate Christians know (along with logos, christos, doulos, and a few others), Bible readers often think that in agape lies the secret key to understanding the love commands.

Assuming that Greek words contain a great depth of meaning hidden by English is a common Bible study mistake. And to show you one reason why: enter Logos Bible Software.

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Last Chance to Enroll: Introducing the Gospels and Acts

last-chance-nt211SummerSessionThis summer you can study the Gospels and Acts with celebrated scholar Dr. Darrell Bock as part of the Mobile Ed summer session. But don’t wait: you’re last chance to enroll is July 18.

If you’ve ever put together a jigsaw puzzle only to discover that the last piece is missing, you know how frustrating it is to not have the full picture. But when we ignore the cultural and historical context of Scripture, that’s exactly what we get: an incomplete picture of the biblical story.
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How to Study a Psalm: 4 Keys to Interpretation

interpret psalms

You and I live in a modern city, but imagine that across the river is another town very different from ours: an ancient one. We drive cars, they ride animals. We chat over coffee at a cafe; they chat over water at the community well. We suffer from a divisive and polarizing political situation; they—well, they do too. Not everything has changed in the last few thousand years. But our two towns are indeed separated by a river of differences in culture, language, and history.

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