How to Quickly Find Every Rhetorical Question in the New Testament

how-find-rhetoricalHow would you find all the rhetorical questions in the New Testament—like “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?”

Finding such questions—questions which aren’t seeking answers but are instead making statements—is a tougher task than it may first appear. As far as I know, Logos 7 is the only tool that can do it.
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The Secret to Saving Hundreds on Logos 7


You’ve heard the hype. Maybe you’ve even read the reviews. You’re seriously considering jumping in feet first with Logos 7. But one thing’s holding you back.

You’re a savvy shopper who’s always on the hunt for a deal. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t pay full price for anything.

If you’ve been waiting to find a great deal on Logos 7, wait no longer because there’s a secret to getting a great deal on Logos 7:

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Save Up to 50% on Commentaries & More during Pastor Appreciation Month

BlogImge-PowerfulPastoralStories-620x324Throughout October, we’re celebrating the high calling and hard work of pastors! If you’re a pastor, we’d like to pause a moment to say “Thanks!” Thanks for the long hours you put in every week, studying, researching, and preparing to give Sunday’s message and providing answers and guidance to your congregation.

This month we’ve put over 40 of our best pastoral resources on sale, so you can enrich your ministry and nourish your own soul, without breaking the bank.

These resources have been hand-picked with you in mind, and we’ve culled from the dozens of options the top five—the best of the best so you can empower your ministry today.
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Unlock the Entire Mobile Ed Video Catalog for Your Whole Church!


As a church leader, there’s no shortage of resources to help you equip God’s people: books, small group and Sunday school curricula, workbooks, journals, DVD series . . . the list goes on.

But the cost of purchasing hard copies of all that adds up—not to mention the time investment you must make to find, purchase, organize, and manage your church’s collection of educational resources.

And with the sea of options out there, how do you know what to trust? How can you be confident that what you have is biblical, up-to-date with recent scholarship, and trustworthy?

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How to Easily View Multiple Resources at the Same Time

view-multiple-resourcesAs you probably know, Logos 7 is here! So I hope you’re discovering and enjoying its many new features. Today I’ll highlight one new feature that has been much anticipated by many Logos users: Multiview Resources.

For years Logos has had the ability to link multiple panels so that they scroll together. For example, when we link a Bible to a commentary and jump to John 3:16 in the Bible, the commentary automatically follows along.

Multiview Resources is similar in that resources follow the leader, but now all the resources reside in the same panel! Let’s take a look at an example with daily calendar devotionals:
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Get Craig S. Keener’s Commentary on Romans—Absolutely Free!

BlogImage620x324 (2)Its words convinced a fourth-century literature teacher named Aurelius Augustinus—later known as St. Augustine of Hippo—to abandon his sinful life and serve the Church. And it’s the biblical book that Martin Luther called “truly the most important piece in the New Testament.” Paul’s letter to the Romans has shaped how christians have thought, behaved, and believed for over 2,000 years, and some of Christianity’s most precious doctrines find their fullest exposition in its pages. It’s little wonder that commentaries on Romans are so popular, and so crucial for in-depth Bible study.

During the month of October, you can get Craig S. Keener’s New Covenant Commentary: Romans absolutely free.
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Revealing the Heart of Prayer in the Gospel of Luke


God’s Word is transformative. It is this conviction which gives the Transformative Word series its name and its unique character. Series Editor Craig G. Bartholomew has worked alongside authors from around the world to identify a key theme in each book of the Bible, and each volume provides careful Biblical exegesis centered on that gripping theme. The result is an engaging, accessible thematic exploration of a biblical book, poised to offer you new and refreshing insights.
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What People Are Saying about Logos 7: Review Roundup

Facebook_1200x628AcademicStudent (1)

Blogger Kurt Willems has a confession to make: “Every time a new version of Logos comes out, I get giddy,”

Based on the reviews of our latest release, Kurt isn’t alone.

“Logos 7 is a portal into a powerful and interactive world of Bible resources never before experienced in world history,” says Kevin Halloran. “It won’t do the studying or thinking for you, but will give you ample resources and cutting edge technology to make advanced study easier than ever.”

Denver Seminary professor Dr. William Klein says the latest release is every bit as good as what has come before. “Logos continues to go from strength to strength. The present iteration continues its excellent legacy and has become even more essential in my work.”

Influential author and blogger Frank Viola went so far as to declare Logos 7 to be “one of the best investments you can make this year.”

So what has everyone so excited about Logos 7?

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The 6 October Deals You Really Need to Know About

Shop October's Deals

October’s deals are here! This is your chance to build your library based on the topics you’re interested in, choosing from a wide range of resources at great savings. There are a lot of great deals to choose from this month, but here are six that we really think you’ll want to know about:

1. The N.T. Wright Collection (52 vols.)35% off
This massive collection includes the Christian Origins and the Question of God series, the entire New Testament for Everyone series, and many other works by one of today’s most influential Christian thinkers. Already own part of the collection? You’ll pay only for what’s new to you!

2. The Bible Knowledge Background Commentary: New Testament (3 vols.)19% off
These three volumes, edited by Craig A. Evans, guide you through each book of the New Testament verse-by-verse while exploring the historical, cultural, and economic setting of the writings. Better understand how the New Testament’s first readers would have understood it by understanding their world.

3. Ancient Christian Writers Bundle (66 vols.)20% off
Explore the riches of early Christian writings. This bundle presents critical translations of important texts from the Church’s first four centuries—including many works translated to English for the first time. Get essential works from Justin Martyr, Athanasius, Augustine, Jerome, and many others.

4. New Testament Text and Translation Commentary21% off
In this accessible commentary, Philip W. Comfort examines variant readings of New Testament texts, providing an introduction to textual criticism. He also discusses the challenges translators of English versions face and surveys all major English translations. Build your knowledge of textual criticism and why it matters with Comfort’s clear explanations.

5. The Essential Works of Jonathan Edwards (11 vols.)27% off
Want to study Edwards’ writings, but don’t need the massive collection? This selection gives you 11 of the most important volumes from the series, with more than 7,000 pages of content. The volumes include insightful analysis on Edward’s life and thought, providing helpful historical context.

6. Westminster Bible Companion Series (33 vols.)25% off
This series offers concise, highly readable discussion that explains each biblical book in its original historical context and explores its significance for faithful living today. And the volumes are written by top scholars—Walter Brueggemann, Terence E. Fretheim, Eugene Peterson, and others.

That’s just the beginning of course. Browse all of October’s deals, and find just what you’re looking for.

2 Digital Bible Study Tips for Busy Moms

tips-for-busy-momsMy wife regularly works domestic miracles. Case in point: she actually reads her Bible first thing in the morning.

She’s a mother with young children and a lot of responsibility. We never know how much sleep Mommy will get on any given night, and she occasionally has to microwave her first cup of coffee several times before being permitted by circumstances—three circumstances between the ages of 2 and 6, to be exact—to drink any of it. So she doesn’t read her Bible every day. But every time I glance over her way at church I see that the ESV Readers Bible I got her has plenty of notes and marks in it; this is a mother who never stops trying to know and live the Bible.

She wants her Bible study to be rich and rewarding; she wants to hit the veins of gold sometimes far beneath the surface.

So I put my copy of Logos on her iPad (this is completely legal, by the way), and she has access to the same Bible study resources I use in pastoral work.

Busy moms—like the one to whom I’m married—are often pulled in a hundred different directions. They may be excused for thinking they have no time to learn complicated Bible software. Logos does have a learning curve, but you only have to go a short way up it to see a big difference in your Bible study. Here are two tips for doing just that (two instead of the usual three—since moms are busy and who has time to read the middle point in a blog post?).
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