Coming Soon: New Logos Books You Love—Way Faster

Buying a book in Logos isn’t just buying a book. It’s not even buying a “smart book.” It’s buying a supercharged book that links up to everything your Logos can do—like pull up a treasure trove of information using the Passage Guide in just a second or two. (For example, all your related commentaries or everywhere a topic is mentioned in your Logos library.) [Read more…]

National Day of Prayer: The King’s Love for Lowly Sinners

What does it take to pray like a Puritan? And why would we want to?

For the Puritans, prayer was neither casual nor dull but a passionate affair.1 A cry for mercy. Unabashed praise for the Creator of all things. Vibrant expressions of deep Christian faith that are a shining example of holy living. [Read more…]

This Book for Pastors Just Won a Third Award—Have You Read It Yet?

In The Care of Souls, Harold Senkbeil reminds readers of the joys and pitfalls of pastoral ministry in a way that only a pastor with a half-century of experience can. Christ-centered truth radiates from its pages, set aflame by Senkbeil’s gentle, warm style. [Read more…]

Which of These Top Theologians Are You Reading? Save Up to 61%

Learning Logos: How to Display Bible Verses in List Format

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A Logos user contacted me with this question:

I’m somewhat new to Logos so hopefully there’s a simple answer to what I’m asking and I’m just not sure where to find it. I use the NKJV, but I like the formatting of the NASB specifically the verses are in “list” rather than paragraph style. Is there a way to make the NKJV look more like the NASB. [Read more…]

Logos Tech Tip: 4 Easy Ways to Find Anything in Logos

One of the most tangible benefits of a digital library is the ability to quickly search and find whatever you need with a couple clicks. No matter what you’re looking for, Logos has a way to search for it. [Read more…]

Think Commentaries Have to Be Pricey? Here’s a Free One

This month, pick up a highly rated commentary on Isaiah for free. (It’s normally nearly $50.)

The author, Shalom Paul, professor and chair of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation, spent over 20 years in study before writing Isaiah 40–66: A Commentary (Eerdmans Critical Commentary). As a result, the commentary delivers clear insights into the biblical text—including background, interpretation, and application.  [Read more…]

Is Your Bible Research Missing This Key to Understanding?

May’s Top Picks are here, offering you up to 40% savings on popular commentaries, books, and bundles from Lexham Press. Here’s one way to save—and fill a biblical knowledge gap . . . [Read more…]

Tony Evans Says ‘Get Real with God’: Here’s How

In the much-anticipated CSB Tony Evans Study Bible Notes (now available!), one of today’s most influential church leaders presents biblical truth in a way that reaches through the screen and grabs hold.  [Read more…]

Learning Logos: How to Find Emphatic Negation in the New Testament

A Logos user sent me this inquiry:

I’ve been studying Mark 10:15 in which Jesus says “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Numerous commentaries pointed out the presence of a double negative or emphatic negation in the phrase “not enter it.” How can I find other instances of this in the New Testament? [Read more…]