Did Abraham Meet Jesus?

Some of the most startling things in the Bible are hidden in plain sight.

Galatians 3:7 is a case in point. Amid the predictable focus on law, grace, and the gospel, Paul blindsides us: “the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying, ‘In you shall all the nations be blessed.’” [Read more…]

Introducing Canvas, a New Way to Work the Text

Canvas is like joining your paper Bible, a whiteboard, and the power of Logos all into one to help you interpret and internalize God’s Word.

It’s a brand-new Logos feature that lets you work the biblical text in incredible ways. [Read more…]

Remembering Grant Osborne

We were deeply saddened to learn of Grant Osborne’s passing on the morning of November 4. His faith and wisdom gave his scholarship a wonderful richness. Elliot Ritzema, who edited a number of his New Testament commentaries, shares his thoughts on Grant Osborne’s life and work. [Read more…]

How to Use the Important Passages Feature in Logos 8

Usually when we’re studying a passage we like to explore cross-references related to that passage. For example, imagine we’re camped out in Luke 4:1 which states Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit, led by the Holy Spirit, and tempted by the devil. During our research, we may want to read other passages about Spirit fullness or guidance or temptation. Typically, however, we have to look up the cross-reference to see what it’s about.

That’s about to change with a new feature in Logos 8 called Important Passages. This Guide section not only lists a cross-reference but also tells us why it’s a cross-reference in the first place! [Read more…]

Pick up Your Free Commentary

This November, get three volumes of the New Covenant Commentary for less than $3!

Get your free copy of Aida Besancon Spencer’s commentary on 2 Timothy and Titus. In this eagerly anticipated sequel to Aída Spencer’s commentary on 1 Timothy, Spencer unveils the socio-cultural backdrop behind Paul’s pastoral teaching in Titus and 2 Timothy. Spencer investigates and explains the reasons behind some of Paul’s explicit warnings and directives. As timely as it is informed, this commentary offers great help for those interpreting Paul’s letters for the twenty-first-century church. [Read more…]

Logos 8 Is Here—Watch the Trailer

Watch the video on Logos.com/8

Something powerful happens when we study the Bible for ourselves. Familiar stories become richer, old truths more meaningful, and new discoveries change our lives. And at Faithlife, we want you to experience that for yourself.

That’s why when we made Logos Bible Software 8, we challenged ourselves to create new ways for you to take the next step in your Bible study, whether you’re a Bible scholar or are just beginning to study the Bible for yourself.

And that meant making Logos easier to use than ever.

Watch the trailer to see what’s new in Logos 8.

A New Testament Introduction for the Heart and Mind

For years, Mark J. Keown has been teaching New Testament introduction courses at Laidlaw College in Auckland, New Zealand. His praxis of extensive classroom teaching has been distilled into a three-volume set. Discovering the New Testament is a new and comprehensive introduction to the New Testament, reflecting current research and scholarship in New Testament studies. [Read more…]

5 Reasons You’ll Love the New Logos 8 Libraries

For the past several months, my team and I have had the pleasure of building the brand-new Logos 8 libraries.

We’re thrilled with how customers are responding. One loved the new libraries so much she bought four—“more than ever for any new Logos release,” she said.

So what’s new to the Logos 8 libraries? [Read more…]

What People Are Saying about Logos 8

Canvas is eye candy. I can almost taste Scripture as I stare at this beautiful interface.
— Pieter J. Kotze

These are the kinds of comments that keep rolling in about Logos 8.

We are thrilled with how people are responding because it means Logos 8 is helping them dig deeper and more accurately into Scripture—which is exactly what we were going for.

Here are some other kind words we’ve heard. [Read more…]

Introducing Workflows, a Brand-New Logos Feature

Fresh with the arrival of Logos 8 is Workflows, an exciting new Logos feature that takes you step by step through common Bible study processes.

We were really excited about this one as a company, and we’re thrilled to see that our customers love it, too.

Here are some of the comments that flooded in when Logos 8 launched on Monday: [Read more…]