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Why Obedience to Jesus Trumps All: Thoughts on the Sermon on the Mount

By Craig S. Keener

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus summons us to stake our hearts on the reality of God. Both Matthew and Luke report much of this sermon, and James is among New Testament writers who echo it. In Matthew’s version, Jesus offers ethical instruction more radical than the law of Moses. We can see this in the opening section of Jesus’ teaching—especially Matthew 5:17–48—and it continues through the rest of the sermon (6:1–7:28). [Read more…]

Timothy Keller on the Hardness of Prayer

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Learning Logos: How to Quickly Open a Calendar Devotional

With the dawn of a new year usually comes renewed resolve to read the Bible more. Along with the Bible, most Christians enjoy reading a daily calendar devotional like My Utmost for His Highest. If you fall into that category, then perhaps you already know there are numerous ways in Logos to access devotionals. But in this blog, I’ll share with you my favorite and possibly fastest way to open one right to today’s reading! [Read more…]

Glimpse the Unseen Realm with This Brand-New Faithlife Original Movie

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