What Is Biblical Marriage? 11 Essential Principles.

What is marriage?

It’s a question the Bible holds the keys to because God created marriage and revealed it in Scripture. [Read more…]

Dull Dogma? Dorothy Sayers on the Drama of the Creeds.

“The Christian faith is the most exciting drama that ever staggered the imagination of man—and the dogma is the drama.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we bring you an exceptional piece of theology from renowned translator, novelist, and Christian thinker Dorothy Sayers. Sayers was also a friend of C.S. Lewis. [Read more…]

Excess Baggage in Scripture—and Why It’s There

“The command tells the truth; the story shows the truth.”

By Leland Ryken

The best methodology for seeing recognizable human experience in the stories of the Bible is simply the conviction that the stories embody familiar human experience. If we are committed to the idea that the story of Jacob (for example) is filled with the experiences of everyday life, we will be able to see and name them. [Read more…]

There’s Learning Hebrew, Then There’s Retaining It

Hebrew doesn’t come easy for most—it certainly didn’t for me. 

While in my Hebrew classes in seminary, I set aside one full day a week to study it, trying my best to memorize the piles of vocabulary words my professor assigned and learn all the rules. [Read more…]

How to Easily Restore a Deleted Document

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Housed on the Docs menu are various types of files we can create in Logos such as Prayer List, Passage List, Word List, Reading Plan, and more.

Once created, to delete one of these files we simply return to the Docs menu, right-click on its name, and select Delete. [Read more…]

Save Up to 43% on Favorites Like Ryken, Lloyd-Jones, and Hughes

March has many of the best sales you’ll see all year—starting with Logos March Matchups. But don’t forget all the other ways to save on new books this month—including works from popular authors like:

  • Leeland Ryken
  • Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  • William Lane Craig
  • R. Kent Hughes
  • Kevin Vanhoozer 

[Read more…]

Want to Pick What Goes on Sale Next? Then You’ll Love This.

This isn’t a Marcionite debate, but it is the only time of year the two testaments of God’s one Holy Word compete.

Announcing Logos March Matchups, this year’s take on our annual duel to the highest discounts.

Here’s how it works this year. [Read more…]

Why Your Sermon Needs More Tension—Especially in the Intro

One quality above all others gives your sermon intro the hook it needs. Here’s how to work that quality into your intro.

All ad writers agree that a headline is the most important part of any ad. Famous ad writer David Ogilvy once said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” [Read more…]

The Creeds Agree on the End Times

If your hope is tied to political or cultural renewal as the evidence of Christ’s work in the world, then you will eventually find yourself in despair. — Dayton Hartman, Jesus Wins, p. 55

The world gives us many reasons to despair. Open a news feed app or scroll through social media for even a minute and you’ll find a day’s worth of events and perspectives to grieve. [Read more…]

Last Chance to Save Up to 42% on These Books

February’s monthly deals end in just a few days. Enjoy savings of up to 42% off on dozens of books, including these popular collections:

Bible Biography Series – 40% off
In the Bible Biography Series (27 vols.), John G. Butler brings various Bible characters to life while providing verse-by-verse exposition. Each study is extensively organized and outlined in alliterated form, filled with gospel lessons and practical applications, and written in accessible language. [Read more…]